How can I watch the Super Bowl 2020 live for free?

The 2020 Super Bowl LIV will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on Sunday, Feb 2. On this day, millions of American families located in the states will remain glued to their TV sets. However, it is not only in the United States where the game is popular! There are also millions of NFL fans located in countries where the event is not broadcast. If you are a big NFL fan and are located abroad during this event, it might lead to you wondering how can I watch Super Bowl 2020 live for free?

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1. If you can't access your favorite channel to watch the Super Bowl 2020, there's a solution.
2. Use a VPN to change your IP address and unblock any geo-restricted TV-channel.
3. Thanks to ExpressVPN's 30-day money-back guarantee with NO CONDITION, you'll be able to enjoy all this on some FREE TV channels abroad.

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If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in luck as we have the solution. Using a VPN, you can gain access to streaming the Super Bowl LIV while being abroad (outside of the US, in the UK, in Canada…) through the four free channels in the countries we are going to list below:

  • USA
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia.

Of course, you can also watch many other sports which makes a plan a great purchase for sports lovers.

Super Bowl 2020 live stream for free in the US

Super Bowl US TV

You want to watch the biggest match of the season on an American TV channel? Then you should know that you can do so by going on Fox.

If you plan to be outside of the US on February 2, 2020, match day, no problem. You will still be able to access Fox with our trick. To do this, you will need to obtain an American IP address with the help of one of the VPNs that we will present to you below.

In case you are not very familiar with this type of technology, we suggest that you find our detailed user guide.

Be aware that Fox is not your only option in order to watch the Super Bowl 2020 stream live. You can also count on one of those services (if you have an account or a free trial on it) :

  • YouTube TV – which give you access to Fox, CBS, ESPN and more (provided you have an American IP even when you are abroad)
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu with Live TV

How to watch Super Bowl live for free in the UK?

Super Bowl UK TV

Residents of the United Kingdom get to watch it live on BBC One and you do not have to pay to watch it.

Thanks to the BBC having an online streaming portal and the BBC iPlayer app being available for tablets and mobile devices you can watch the match from anywhere.

All you have to do is sign up with a VPN and make sure you connect to a server in the United Kingdom. This solution will allow you to change your IP address (and location) in just a few seconds.

To access the channel and the live stream feed, just go to TVPlayer website and create an account (it’s 100% free!).

Watch Super Bowl 2020 in Canada free

Super Bowl Canadian TV

Residents of Canada can unblock the event and watch it online on CTV or the CTV Go app.

You can also stream it live through DAZN Canada. While you will need an NFL game pass, you can get a free trial for 30-days and then cancel the subscription after you have watched the game and get your money back.

If you want to watch the game this way, you should choose a server located in Canada.

Providers such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost all have server choices on the East or West side of the country to provide you the best performances possible.

Streaming Super Bowl 2020 in Australia

Super Bowl Australian TV

The Channel 7 Australian channel is showing the game live and this is a free to air channel. On the internet all you have to do is visit 7Plus to stream the Superb Bowl online.

To do this you just need to choose a server located in Australia then head over to the website and stream.

Why you need a VPN?

You might be wondering why you need a VPN in order to watch and streaming the Super Bowl 2020. Why can’t you simply head over to a website streaming service that is showing the game and stream?

Streaming services such as Fox, BBC One and CTV are geo-restricted. This means you can only access them if you live in certain countries.

When you connect to the internet, you do so using an IP address. All countries have a range of addresses. If you are located outside of the UK and try to connect to BBC iPlayer, you see a message telling you the site is not available.

Watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK

Typical error message you will get when trying to access BBC channels from abroad

This is because the ISP knows you are not in the United Kingdom. The same would apply if you tried to stream from the US, Australia or Canada while being outside of the regions.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can easily change your IP address by choosing a server located in a specific country.

How can I watch Super Bowl 2020 live? Follow these 5 steps

You can follow the steps below to watch abroad, wether you’re outside of the US, Canada, United Kingdom…

  1. Choose one of the providers we recommend, choose a plan and sign up. If you’re still undecided, we advise you to choose ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app for the device you are going to use to stream the event live. Providers cover a range of devices, including computers, tablets, phones and more.
  3. Install the app, launch it and sign in using your credentials.
  4. From the main interface of the app, choose a server from the country where you want to stream from and connect to that server. Leave the app running in the background by minimising it.
  5. Visit the website to stream and enjoy the game live!

Make use of a money-back guarantee to watch it for free

You might be thinking that if you have to pay out for a VPN then it is going to cost you something. However, this is not the case.

We are going to recommend three providers, all who offer money-back guarantees. This means you can sign up for a plan and use it to unblock and watch Super Bowl stream live, then cancel the subscription and get your money back (if you want to!).

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All providers offer this so while you do have to pay out upfront, providing you cancel the subscription within the time limit, you will be reimbursed. In the end, it will cost you nothing.

While there are free VPNs out there, they usually do not offer the features required to unblock streaming websites and benefit from them in HD. Therefore, they do not make a good choice and with money-back guarantees from the top providers, you do not need to consider them.

Money back guarantee ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN money-back guarantee details

More ways to use a VPN

While a Virtual Private Network comes in extremely handy for unblocking and watching sporting events such as the Super Bowl 2020 outside of the US in countries where they are not accessible, this is by no means their only use.

Security when browsing

A VPN provides you with an encrypted tunnel along with masking your own IP address and giving you a new one from the location of your choice.

When you are behind an encrypted tunnel any information you send online is encrypted. This means it cannot be read, as it is just numbers.

This also means that if anyone were to intercept it the information would be no good to him or her as it is unreadable. If they cannot read it, they cannot steal your personal information.

Some VPNs offer plans that come with additional security benefits such as providing protection against malware and blocking ads.

Browse the internet anonymously

Using the same encryption and change of IP address, you can also browse the internet anonymously.

No one can find out your true location through your IP address as you could have connected to a server many thousands of miles away from your actual location.

You do not have to worry about your ISP knowing which sites you visit, what you say online in forums or whether anyone can track you.

ExpressVPN tunnel

Torrent without the ISP finding out

If you like to torrent and share files online, you stand to be found out by the provider if you download copyrighted content.

The ISP will know what you downloaded when you downloaded it and the size of the download.

If this is your first time being caught downloading copyrighted content, your ISP will send a letter asking you to stop. If you continue downloading copyrighted content, you might end up with the ISP reducing your internet speed or stopping it completely.

In the worst-case scenario, you might end up with a fine or being taken to court.

By using a VPN, you are behind an encrypted tunnel and this means the ISP has no idea what you download.

Work from home remotely in safety

You can share files and information securely with work colleagues using a Virtual Private Network as all information you send is encrypted.

With encryption behind you, no one can read your files and documents even if they were able to intercept them.

Overcome censorship

A VPN comes in handy in countries with high censorship. China for instance censors numerous websites and apps.

Google apps including Mail, Maps, Calendar and more are on the banned list, along with many social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

These are by no means the only websites on the banned list; in fact, there are thousands of others. However, by changing your IP address, you can bypass the blocks and, for example, watch the Super Bowl stream live and for free!

Save money on flights and hotels

Another use is to take on an IP address from a country where the cost of living is lower than your own. You can then compare prices for hotel rooms and flights using a comparison website to save money.

Best VPN providers to stream Super Bowl 2020

Some providers are better than others to watch Superb Bowl 2020 abroad (outside of the US, the UK…) and we have chosen three of the very best.

1) ExpressVPN – The best service


ExpressVPN is always our first choice for overcoming geo-restrictions and streaming live in HD. This provider will also help you to get access to Disney+ while being abroad. Plus, a huge range of other channels.

The provider offers fully optimised servers. Also, there is a huge range to choose from spread out across all locations around the world. The provider is the fastest out there, which makes it a great choice for watching Super Bowl LIV on US or UK TV. You can be sure you will not be sat waiting for buffering and miss that crucial part of the game.

To be able to overcome geo-restrictions you need a provider with superb security features in case the connection to the server drops. Otherwise, you run the risk of your true location being discovered.

ExpressVPN has this covered as the provider offers a network Kill Switch. This means no data is sent over an unprotected connection, so your true IP address cannot be discovered.

The provider also offers great savings on a one-year plan. Along with saving 49% on the cost of a plan, you also get an additional 3-month free of charge. This means you can benefit from a 15-month plan in total.

Finally, ExpressVPN offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.

  • Best speeds on the market
  • Really easy-to-use app
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • No-log policy
  • Company based in British Virgin Islands
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more
  • Not the cheapest option

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2) CyberGhost – The best value for money

CyberGhost Sport

CyberGhost is another great choice of provider for streaming Super Bowl 2020 live outside of the US.

The provider also supports fast servers located around the globe. This means you should have no issues in being able to find one for a country showing the game outside of the United States.

With a single click, you can choose a server from the United Kingdom, Australia or Canada to watch the highlight of the NFL season taking place in Miami. The servers are independently operated by the provider, which boosts the security aspect, keeping them out of reach of snoopers.

You can also benefit from DNS and IP leak protection to ensure your true location is not revealed. Plus, the provider offers an automatic Kill Switch.

Thanks to fast servers and unlimited bandwidth, your stream will not be continually interrupted as you wait for buffering.

CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on longer plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee on the monthly plan.

  • Pricing
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • 90+ countries available
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • 1-month plan price
  • Connection time to servers is sometimes slow

Access thousands of servers with CyberGhost now >

3) NordVPN – The most secure solution

NordVPN review

NordVPN packs in numerous features making them a great choice to watch Super Bowl LIV.

DoubleVPN is one such feature as it allows you to connect to two servers. With this feature, your IP address is changed twice along with data encryption. Speaking of encryption, this comes in the form of military-grade encryption. This provides complete privacy and enhanced security.

NordVPN offers access to many thousands of servers spread out around the globe. This includes servers in the US (1600+), Australia (260+), the United Kingdom (500+) and Canada (400+). Servers offer the speed and reliability needed to stream the Super Bowl 2020 live. And bandwidth is unlimited!

As an added bonus, the provider includes a feature called CyberSec.

This built-in feature uses the latest technology to take privacy and security to another level. Suspicious websites are blocked automatically to ensure cyber threats cannot infect your device while you stream. In addition, ads are blocked.

Finally, NordVPN plans come with DNS leak protection and automatic Kill Switch, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes it a perfect choice to watch the Super Bowl 2020 live for free.

  • Strict no-log policy
  • Based in Panama
  • Large server network
  • Simple handling
  • Servers for P2P
  • No Kill Switch on the OpenVPN MacOS app
  • Variable speeds from time to time

Stream Super Bowl LIV with NordVPN now >

In summary

Just because you are located outside the US or elsewhere, does not mean you cannot enjoy the final event of the NFL season on February 2.

Using a VPN provider and taking a few simple steps you can watch the Super Bowl 2020 live wherever you are located in the world. Wether it’s in the US, in Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Mexico…

ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN are all great choices of providers. All offer everything you need and more for streaming live events in safety.

Of course, all providers also offer many other benefits and features that can be used every day of the year. Suffice to say that it will really be an investment that will benefit you in the long run!

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