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1. How does a VPN work ?

Understand how VPN works - Infographic

This VPN infographic present to you the basic functioning of a VPN. By going through an encrypted tunnel, all your data are safe.

2. Why should I use a VPN in China ?

Why use VPN in China

China is one of the most censored country in the world. In this VPN infographic, we tried to illustrate the process needed in order to unblock all blocked apps in the country.

3. VPN for Netflix

Unblock Netflix

How to unblock the US catalogue of Netflix while traveling ? This is what is presented in this VPN infographic. You just need to turn ON your Virtual Private Network in the country of your choice (most of the time, it will be the US) and the job is done !

4. Why should I use a VPN ?

Why use VPN ?

We can identify 5 main reasons why people should use a VPN. In this infographic, we recap the 5 mains uses.

5. VPN for Torrenting

VPN for Torrent

Torrenting is very risky in most developped countries like the US, the UK, France, Germany, and many others. Using a VPN is a way to protect from your ISP and get away from any legal issues.

Our VPN infographic compares the 2 situations, when you have it ON or OFF.

6. Save money on flight tickets with a VPN

Save money flight ticket VPN

Maybe you didn’t know, but a VPN can actually make you save some money. By changing your IP address to an other country, you can have a better pricing on your flight tickets. This is what we tried to present in this VPN infographic to save money on flight tickets.

7. Free VS Paid VPNs

Free vs Paid VPN

Why should I pay for a VPN whereas there are some free versions out there ? The answer is simple : premium ones are WAY better ! Here is a VPN infographic that compares free to paid solutions.

8. Protect yourself on Public Wifi with a VPN

Protect on Public Wifi with a VPN

In 2016, 1 out of 8 Americans using Public Wifi got his Data hacked. In order to protect from the hackers, you can of course use a VPN. This infographic compares the situation with and without a VPN activated.

9. How to Hide or Change my IP Address ?

Hide or Change IP address

Changing or hiding your real IP address may be one of the reasons for which you’re looking for a Virtual Private Network. But how does it work exactly ? How can you get a new IP address ? Here’s the answer !

10. Why should you use a VPN for streaming ?

VPN streaming

How can you get access to all your favorite content no matter where you are in the world ? The answer is simple : use a VPN ! This infographic shows you 2 situations : one where your VPN is OFF, and one where it is ON, giving you access to all your streaming platforms.

11. How do we review and rank VPNs ?

How do we review and rank VPNs

12. Unblock porn sites in India

In India, many websites are blocked. In this VPN infographic, we explain how to unblock all the blocked porn sites. Just switch your VPN on and you’ll bypass all possible blocks.


13. How to unblock US TV Abroad ?

Unblock US TV Abroad - VPN infographic

If you travel abroad, you have certainly noticed that all US TV channels are blocked. Fortunately, you can use a Virtual Private Network in order to bypass these blocks and still access your favorite shows. This is what is explained in this VPN infographic.

14. How can I bet online abroad ?

How to bet online abroad - VPN infographic

Almost all bookmakers are geo-restricted. This means that outside their home country, they can’t be used. If you try to connect to your favorite bookmaker while traveling, you’ll see an error message. Again, a VPN will help you go around this block and this is what this infographic is all about.

15. Internet safety tip


This infographic presents the main safety tips that everyone should know for a safe internet experience.

16. Unblock Youtube Everywhere


Have you ever seen this annoying message that tells you that the Youtube video is not available in your location? You certainly have. Fortunately, there is an easy way to bypass this block. This infographic shows you how a VPN can help you unblock Youtube videos everywhere in the world.

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