How do we make money ?

Some of the links you’ll see on our website are tracked. That means that when you click on them and get to a VPN provider’s website, they know you’re coming from our website.

If you happen to buy a VPN with some of the providers we present to you, then, we can get a small commission. This commission helps us keep this website alive and full of interesting information for our visitors, pay for the VPNs we test and review, cover the web-hosting costs, cover the content-creation and enables us to work better and harder to deliver the best possible information to you.

This is called Affiliation.

Does this impact the way we rank the VPN providers ?

Some might say, because some VPN providers pay us a commission for the visitors we send them, that we are biased. This point of view is totally understandable, but we totally don’t agree with it.

Indeed, our #1 mission is to deliver to you accurate and reliable information. We will NEVER promote a VPN provider on top of our rankings if we don’t consider that they can FULLY protect you and offer you everything you can expect from a VPN provider.

If we promote a VPN provider in our top 10, and it because it truly deserves it and has passed the different steps of our in-depth evaluation (you can see how we evaluate VPN providers here).

We look into every criteria to make sure the VPN providers that we push forward deserve it. If ever we discover something bad about a provider, we would directly put it out of our top 10. You can see in ABSOLUTELY all our reviews that we always say something negative about the providers, even the one ranking on top. This is because we are always staying honest in how we present the VPN providers to you.

We do think that by being honest, we’ll get more visitors, and therefore, we’ll get more commissions.

On the opposite, giving you wrong information will make us lose a lot of credibility, and therefore, a lot of visitors. This is not our spirit. We do believe that our visitors will like our honesty and understand that, despite being given some commissions by some of the VPN providers we promote, we stick to 3 important words :

Honesty – Reliability – Happy

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