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Who are we ?

We are 2 young cyber-security entrepreneurs who have decided to dedicate their days helping others fully take advantages of internet. We are the 2 founders of this website and we’re helped by some independent writers who share their knowledge with us.

After using VPNs for more than 10 years, we’ve decided to create this website that present and compare VPN providers. With more than 300 different options available on the market, we thought it would be helpful to create this blog.

We test, review, compare and rank the different VPN providers we’ve had the chance to try in the past, but also new ones that we never heard off. As we’ve both lived in France for many years, we had to use VPNs in order to keep an access to US TV channels, Netflix, and for many other reasons. We currently live between Canada and Dubai, which still forces us to use VPNs all the time.

This is why we had the chance to test many VPN providers and now, we think we have enough experience to share our results with you.

Hope you enjoy your visit, Florian and Quentin.










Here are the helpful writers that help us keep this site alive :

Michael Michael

Patricia Patricia

Ross Ross

Alison Alison (she really cares about staying anonymous 😉 )

The-bestvpn : the reference on the VPNs