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Our team works hard every day to keep this website alive and up to date to make sure you’ll always find the correct information. 


What is our mission ?

Help you understand VPNs

Our mission is to give you easy-to-understand articles. Our #1 goal is to turn some things that can be difficult into some easy-to-read articles.


This does not mean that we don’t go into details, but this means that we won’t give you complicated details you should not be worried about.


Our team of expert writers present you some comprehensive articles, well presented and organized to help you find swiftly the answer to the question you came for.​

Share our VPN Reviews

As far as VPN provider reviews are concerned, we offer you the opportunity to also share your review at the end. 


We’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts on all the VPN providers we’ve tested. The more comments we’ll get, the better our reviews will be. 


You can leave your review at the end of all our articles. The comment section is there for you. 


Present an unbiased ranking

If you want to find quickly our selection of the best VPN providers, you can find our ranking that has been updated in 2024.


We base our ranking on the experience we had with all the VPN providers we’ve tested.


By picking one of the providers in our VPN comparison chart, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed.


We have tested and compared most of the best VPNs on the market in order to help you find the one that best suits your expectations.

How do we review and rank the VPN providers ?

As we’ve told you above, we DO really test the VPN providers that we present on the-bestvpn.com.


Our review process is cut in 5 steps that you can discover below. We won’t go into telling you that we buy, install (on different devices) and connect to the VPNs to test them, this sounds quite obvious.

1. The security

The first thing we’ll check once reviewing the different VPN providers is the security. What’s behind the log policy ? How well does it protect you against the different leaks ? Is the Kill Switch feature working correctly ?


We also check that the provider has had no bad press since it was created.


All this is carefully analyzed in order to make sure the VPN we’re testing will actually protect you. Be careful, definitely not all VPN providers will protect you equally.

2. The speed

Having a good security is THE MOST IMPORTANT key factor of success for a VPN provider. But, it is not the only one.


Indeed, the better the encryption, the more it will impact your speed. No matter which VPN provider you choose, you’ll always lose some speed. Yet, in order to give you accurate reviews, we test the speed of the provider we’re testing.


We test the speed for internet browsing, for torrenting and for streaming. Even though you can see, with speedtests, a difference, the best VPN providers, like ExpressVPN, won’t have a real impact on your online experience.

3. The functionalities

Now that we have checked the security and the speed, what we can look into is the functionalities.


Does it work for unblocking Netflix ? Can you do torrenting with it ? Does it work in very censored countries ?


All this is checked for you in order to make sure you won’t be disappointed when choosing a VPN provider.

4. Client support

The support is, for the best VPN providers, available 24/7/365.


Yet, it is not enough to be sure of its quality. We therefore send messages to all supports we test and pretend to have an issue. Then we check how well they help us fix it, and how long do they take to answer.


We also check for other support features like a FAQ or “how to” tutorials like what we can see with ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

5. The money back guarantee

Even though we try to make sure the VPN provider you’ll choose matches your expectations, you can, sometimes, be unhappy about the performances.


If it is the case, you can use the money-back guarantee. Most of the time, you have 30 days…with no condition. But is it really with no condition ? We look into this accurately in order to make sure you won’t get screwed by some policies, written on page 128 of their terms of services.


Be careful, again, you can be faced with some VPN providers which will actually have some conditions like “bandwidth limit” “number of connexions” or tricks like this to not pay you back…

6. We make the rankings

Once we’re done doing all this, we can give a grade to the VPN provider. According to its grade, we rank it in the different rankings we have on our website.

Also note that some additional criteria are taken into account for our reviews but they are not as important as the ones we’ve talked about above. Among these other criteria, we can think of :



(starting at)
#01 : ExpressVPNExpressVPN6.67$300094YESBritish Virgin Islands5
#02 : CyberGhostCyberGhost2.75$600090YESRomania7
#03 : NordVPNNordVPN3.49$530059YESPanama6
#04 : SurfsharkSurfshark1.99$104061YESBritish Virgin IslandsUnlimited
#05 : HideMyAssHideMyAss4.29$1000194YESUnited Kingdom5
#06 : IPVanishLogo IPVanish6.49$130055YESUnited States10
#07 : VyprVPNLogo VyprVPN2.50$70070YESSwitzerland5
#08 : WindscribeLogo Windscribe4.08$11060YESCanadaUnlimited
#09 : ProtonVPNLogo ProtonVPN4.00$43633NOSwitzerland10
#10 : ZenmateLogo Zenmate2.05$30035YESGermany5

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Our Team

We’re 2 co-founders helped with a team of expert writers who have been traveling a lot over the last 10 years and had the opportunity to try and use many VPN providers for streaming or torrenting.


A few years ago, finding a VPN comparison website was not an easy task. Today, you can find many different websites like ours. But why is ours better than our competitor’s ? 


Everything we write here is REAL. We really test the VPN providers, we really test them for all the streaming platforms, for torrenting, for bypassing the censorship and, above all, we try to present our results as simply as possible.

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