How to Watch Ziggo GO Live Outside Netherlands – Try This Trick!

If you’re not from Europe, you probably haven’t heard about Ziggo. Ziggo is a TV cable provider from the Netherlands, with hundreds of channels that range from entertainment to sport. Its app, called Ziggo GO, brought substantial improvements in terms of content and options, making it one of the top European streaming apps. As we speak, it’s available only in the Netherlands, and if you’re not from this country, don’t worry. We have a solution for accessing and watching Ziggo GO live and in replay from abroad – keep reading!

How to Unblock and Watch Ziggo GO Abroad?

The trick we want to show you today requires you to have a VPN subscription. For those who don’t know, this service will help you unblock pretty much any site you want, regardless of your current location.

As said, the site is available only in the Netherlands. Now, if you’re outside the country, you can just connect to a Dutch server and enjoy this platform from anywhere. While doing so, your VPN connection will bring many benefits.

One of them is online security that lets you browse the web anonymously, with no hackers or ISPs snooping behind your back. Here’s how to use it to unblock this site:

  • Subscribe to one of the VPNs from the list. We recommend ExpressVPN, as it’s the best VPN for streaming.
  • Download the app for the platform you’re going to use.
  • Install the app, open it, and sign in with the credentials.
  • Open the server list by clicking on the country below the connection button.
  • Scroll down, find the Netherlands, and double-click on it to establish a connection.
  • Open Ziggo GO and enjoy favorite shows and movies! There will no longer be an error message preventing you from watching all the content.

Best VPNs to Watch Ziggo GO Outside the Netherlands

Getting a decent VPN for streaming is easier said than done. There are dozens of VPNs on the market but not many of them are ideal for this purpose. With that in mind, we made a list of the top 3 providers for enjoying Ziggo GO streaming platform from abroad:

1. ExpressVPN


When you want to enjoy some interesting shows or movies on Ziggo, you can rest assured knowing that ExpressVPN got your back. Or does it? Well, if you already subscribed, you know what kind of a deal you get here. We like that it has 3,000+ servers in 94 countries, with blazing-fast servers all across the board.

Needless to say, Dutch servers are on the list as well, giving you the ability to get a Dutch IP address. In return, you can access this platform or Netflix Netherlands and enjoy an array of exciting movies and series. Apart from that, ExpressVPN is a provider for all purposes.

Want to enjoy torrenting? No problem – each server is P2P-friendly! Combined with blazing-fast speeds, both streaming and torrenting will be smooth as butter. Moreover, ExpressVPN encrypts your connection using military-grade encryption.

With a kill switch on top, you’ll never encounter any accidental IP or DNS leaks. ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which happens to be a great thing. It’s far from the 14 Eyes, so you won’t have any privacy issues, thanks to its zero-logging policy.

Ziggo GO is available for mobile devices as well, and so is ExpressVPN. This means that you can easily connect to a Dutch server and enjoy streaming wherever you are. Even better, 5 simultaneous connections are allowed, should you want to expand your possibilities further.

ExpressVPN’s customer support is the best in the industry. It’ll help you with any VPN-related issue, should it arises. All of these amazing features come with a fairly cheap price, discounted by 49% for an annual plan, where you also get 3 months free. That’s a bloody good deal, isn’t it?

Watch Ziggo GO Abroad With ExpressVPN >

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost streaming

CyberGhost is the best VPN for using Ziggo GO abroad, IF you’re looking to save money. And no – it won’t skimp on any fancy features, despite saving your hard-earned cash. The prime example of this is its server network of 6,000 servers around the globe. This is far more than ExpressVPN offers.

The provider’s dedicated servers are one of its highlights. Sure, they’re here to unblock Netflix, Disney+, HBO GO, and others, but they work flawlessly with Ziggo, too. Just connect to a Dutch server and you’re ready to go. For the price, speeds are also impressive on CyberGhost.

You won’t face any stuttering or buffering, resulting in a smooth sail. Sailing isn’t safe, but with CyberGhost, it is, thanks to its abundant security features. The VPN users military-grade encryption for your connection, and that’s the strongest encryption your money can buy.

Furthermore, security is enhanced by a kill switch and OpenVPN protocol, which is the default one. CyberGhost even includes an ad-blocker that functions better than your Chrome Ad-Block extension. It blocks not only ads but also trackers and malware, providing complete protection.

Unlike ExpressVPN, it offers 7 simultaneous connections. That’s great for protecting multiple devices at the same time. What’s also great is its support available through live chat. It’s responsive and has a huge knowledge base.

For the end, the provider comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. This offer applies to the 3-year plan, yielding the biggest savings and every aforementioned feature.

Enjoy Favorite Content on Ziggo GO Abroad With CyberGhost >

3. NordVPN

NordVPN unblock website

A great provider that will allow you to unblock Ziggo GO outside the Netherlands is NordVPN. Although it’s focused more on security, have no doubts that it’ll serve you well when it comes to streaming. Its 5,600+ servers are quite good, offering fast speeds and stable connections.

Of course, their unblocking characteristics are excellent. Apart from Ziggo, you’ll be able to watch Netflix abroad or enjoy some superhero movies on Disney+. NordVPN includes dedicated P2P servers, too, so if you’re a torrenting fan, they’ll allow you to torrent safely.

We like how NordVPN implemented its apps across all platforms. They’re very simple to use and are very similar when compared to each other. This will make you get used to them quickly and take advantage of all the features that they offer.

A cool feature we like here is Double VPN, giving you a double layer of its 256-bit encryption. NordLynx, a brand new protocol is also available, and it offers faster connection speeds and improved security. Not that security will matter for Ziggo, but hey, it’s good to know!

Lastly, you get 6 simultaneous connections when using NordVPN. If that’s not enough, you can connect it to the router and protect far more devices in your home. All in all, it’s an affordable provider that won’t break the bank, yet provide serious performance for the buck.

Unblock Ziggo GO From Anywhere With NordVPN >

Should I Use a Free VPN to Watch Ziggo GO Abroad?

Streaming and free VPNs go together like cats and dogs. You can already guess how good (or bad) that is.

The main reason behind this is limited bandwidth. Many free VPNs will often come with limitations that can go from 500 MB to 10 GB a month, which simply isn’t enough for streaming Ziggo GO shows live from abroad, or even casually browsing the web.

On top of that, you’ll often get very slow speeds and poor connection stability, that will further degrade your streaming experience. The biggest issue for us is the lack of a zero-log policy. Seriously, these providers will collect your data and sell it to third parties for revenue.

We saw this in numerous free VPNs, such as Hola, Betternet, and many others.

For these reasons, we suggest getting ExpressVPN. It will unblock and let you access Ziggo GO, provide online protection, and give you the level of performance you want for the money.

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