How to Watch BBC iPlayer from the US? This Trick Works in 2024!

BBC iPlayer is a highly-popular streaming platform in the United Kingdom. Boasting a wide variety of TV shows, it’s a choice of many enthusiastic streaming lovers. Unfortunately, this platform is exclusive to the UK, meaning that countries abroad can’t access it. That is if you don’t know how to do it. Today, we’re going to debunk this theory and show you an easy way of accessing and watching BBC iPlayer from the US. 

How to Access and Watch BBC iPlayer from the US?

If you live in the UK and you just arrived in the US, one thing may be on your mind – I’m gonna miss out on episodes of my favorite local shows! That certainly might be the case if you don’t use a VPN.

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s a service that’s easy to use, yet has the power to unblock geo-restricted websites.

Geo-restrictions are very common on the internet and streaming platforms are the most representative websites. In short, this service lets you change your online location, giving you access to geo-blocked websites that otherwise wouldn’t be available in your country.

Here are a few simple steps to unblock BBC iPlayer in the USA:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN, with its 49% discount and 3 months free for an annual plan.
  2. Download and install the apps on the platforms you’re planning to use.
  3. Once in the app, sign in with the credentials you provided during the purchase.
  4. Underneath the connection button, click on the country to open the server list.
  5. Scroll down and find the United Kingdom. Choose a server in this country and click the connection button to connect.
  6. Open BBC iPlayer’s website and enjoy streaming!

ExpressVPN in the UK

As you can see, that was pretty easy. If you decide to get a VPN now, you can watch BBC iPlayer in a matter of minutes of your purchase. That’s how fast this solution is!

Best VPNs to Access and Watch BBC iPlayer from the US

Unblocking BBC iPlayer is a tough thing to do for many VPNs, we’ll admit. Not many providers can unblock it, hence you need a reliable choice that exceeds in streaming and unblocking sites. Here are our top 3 picks:

1. ExpressVPN

Netflix for unblocking BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is easily the best VPN with UK servers. It has 3,000+ servers in 94 countries worldwide, of which a huge portion is located in the United Kingdom. For streaming, you won’t find a better provider since this one has the fastest speeds.

Not only that but it also unblocks BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO GO, and many other streaming platforms with ease. Those worried about security should stop worrying now. ExpressVPN packs 256-bit AES encryption accompanied by a kill switch.

Streaming lovers will appreciate that there’s unlimited bandwidth. This means binge-watching BBC iPlayer without limits. Protecting all devices in your home will be a breeze, thanks to 5 simultaneous connections that ExpressVPN offers.

Should things go south, its 24/7 support is here to back you up. It’s available through live chat and email, making it easy to get in touch.

Enjoy BBC iPlayer in the US With ExpressVPN >

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Streaming

NordVPN is for those who want to save a bit of money for a long-term commitment. This VPN has a huge server network of 5,600+ servers in 59 countries, and as such, it’s perfect for bypassing geo-restrictions.

We won’t mention that it unblocks BBC iPlayer because it’s obvious at this point. But, we’ll say that you can enjoy platforms like ABC, Hotstar, Sky TV, Netflix, and many others with a click of a mouse.

The provider uses military-grade encryption for securing your connection. Furthermore, it supports NordLynx and OpenVPN and includes split tunneling and an automatic kill switch. We like the addition of an ad-blocker, CyberSec, which will effectively remove annoying ads.

Being from Panama, NordVPN maintains a crystal-clear zero-logging policy, granting you complete privacy while you surf the web. All in all, a complete package for affordable money.

Get NordVPN for BBC iPlayer Now >

3. CyberGhost

Affordable, you said? Well, we can’t go out without mentioning CyberGhost. If you want to save a lot of cash on a high-end product, this is the one to get. This Romanian giant has 7,000 servers in 90+ countries, including 500+ servers in the United Kingdom.

The provider is known for dedicated servers for streaming, which can unblock a multitude of streaming sites. It even has dedicated servers for BBC iPlayer, which, we’re sure, you’re going to use a lot.

CyberGhost is rock-solid when it comes to security. This is because it uses state-of-the-art encryption and outstanding IP leak protection. Moreover, the ad-blocker is here, also serving as a tracker blocker, for giving you more privacy than you’d get with other cheap providers.

Lastly, CyberGhost allows for up to 7 simultaneous connections on the same account. As an icing on the cake, its 24/7 live chat support will make your life a lot easier. Every issue you have related to this VPN, you can ask, and get your problems fixed in no time!

Access BBC iPlayer Anywhere With CyberGhost >

Can I Use Free VPNs to Access BBC iPlayer Abroad?

Free VPNs often seem like a good deal, and interestingly, they promise the same as paid providers. Is there a catch?

Oh, boy, there are multiple catches!

VPNs you get for free are usually very slow, so you can’t properly enjoy browsing, let alone streaming, gaming, or torrenting. Apart from being slow, they’re not as secure as premium providers. Many times, they’ll use 128-bit encryption instead of 256-bit, and they’ll store logs.

Free providers like Hola VPN will even sell your private information, completely violating your privacy. And the last nail in the coffin is that they can’t unblock BBC iPlayer. Even if they could, a majority of them offer limited bandwidth, so you’re limited to one or two episodes of your favorite show per MONTH.

To make sure you’re safe and secure online, avoid free providers at all costs! Even if it’s just for watching BBC iPlayer while in the US!


Let’s wrap up our short guide with a proper conclusion. You’ve seen that this trick is quite simple. In fact, you can also apply this trick to watch MotoGP live if you want. Every time you need to unblock a site or browse the internet anonymously, you need to follow the steps above.

Our recommendation for a VPN is ExpressVPN and that won’t change. With a 49% discount and 3 months free for a yearly plan, it’s more affordable than ever. Get it and enjoy BBC iPlayer any time you want!


⚠️ Why is it impossible to access BBC iPlayer in the US?

It is all about TV rights. BBC iPlayer is only allowed to broadcast its programs to people in the UK. This is why it is normally impossible to watch BBC iPlayer from the USA. But that is, of course, without relying on the help of a VPN like ExpressVPN.

? What is the best way to bypass geo-restrictions?

With a VPN. But not just any VPN! Many are not very effective in this context, this is why you must avoid completely free VPNs at all costs. This also applies to proxies that are ineffective to watch BBC iPlayer from the US/abroad.

? Is it illegal to watch BBC iPlayer abroad?

No, this is not illegal. Unblocking and watching BBC iPlayer from the USA with the help of a VPN will never hurt you.

? Can I use a VPN to watch other streaming platforms?

Of course. With a VPN like the one offered by ExpressVPN, you can, for example, unblock all catalogs from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go, and many more …

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