How Can I Watch US TV in Thailand? Here’s What to Do!

Thailand is easily one of the most beautiful countries anyone could ever visit, which explains why it’s always a top consideration for vacation-seeking individuals. Despite many great things we could say about the country, however, it lacks access to streaming US TV channels. Obviously, this is much to the dismay of Americans and fans of US television vacationing in the country.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand soon, you must be aware that you won’t be able to unblock, access, or watch your favorite US television channels like Hulu, HBO, and Netflix.

Fortunately, we seem to always have a solution for everything. If you’re consumed with the thought of “how can I unblock and stream US TV channels during my vacation,” we will teach you how to do it in our guide below.

Why Can’t I Watch US TV in Thailand?

Not being able to stream the shows you’ve always followed can really be frustrating, we know. “How can I not be able to watch my favorite series on Netflix?” Well, it’s all caused by the legal agreements between US TV channels and production companies.

Most times, the agreements involve them not to make their content available to people not residing in the United States. Hence, once the TV channels discover that your current location is Thailand, they block your access immediately.

How Can US TV Discover My Location?

Since you’re connected to the internet, it’s very easy for American stream providers to figure out your location. Every internet connection carries an IP address, which basically serves as your address while you’re online.

The TV channel you’re trying to unblock, access, or watch has a system in place that will read your IP address and block you if you’re in Thailand and not the United States.

Can the Restrictions be Bypassed? How Can I Do It?

Of course, you can bypass the restrictions, using a Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, you will be able to unblock all US TV channels in Thailand, like AMC, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix. “But how exactly does a VPN help to unblock, access, or stream US television?”

Well, it’s straightforward. Since your IP address essentially serves as your internet address, a VPN simply gives you an American IP address, thereby making the channels believe you’re in the US.

What’s the Best VPN to Watch US TV?

ExpressVPN USA

For a lot of reasons, the VPN we always recommend when people in Thailand ask this question is ExpressVPN. Despite being based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN operates more than 3,000 super-fast servers in different locations across more than 90 countries.

The result is lightning-fast speed while you unblock, access, and watch different US TV channels.

With its more than 90 countries covered, it will also enable you to watch TV channels in other countries than the US. If you want to watch Sky One abroad, you’ll just have to pick a UK-based server.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN does not store or keep any sensitive data, which means you can rest assured that your information is safe. And the VPN has advanced encryption systems put in place to protect even the most advanced of hackers from prying on your internet activities while you unblock, access, and stream your favorite US television shows in Thailand.

Another highlight is the multi-platform support, which enables you to unblock, access, and watch US TV on basically any type of device you have, including Windows, Mac, Tablet, Android, or iPhone.

If you run into any trouble during your stream, the company’s experienced agents are always available on live chat to walk you through how to resolve it.

Watch US TV in Thailand with ExpressVPN >

Is It Affordable?

While the $12.95 charged monthly by ExpressVPN is generally considered a premium price in Thailand, it’s a very fair price in our opinion, considering the flawless services it guarantees.

Besides, the 1-year plan comes with a 3-month free subscription, which saves you about 49% in the end.

We strongly recommend you go for this plan if you don’t want to end up paying almost 13$ every month. When you want to watch CNN outside of the US, the goal is not to go bankrupt…


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Is There Any Guarantee?

Of course, ExpressVPN comes with an attractive 30-day money-back guarantee. Regardless of the plan you buy, there is an option to get a full refund within the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the services you got.

In your search for how to unblock, access, and watch US TV while in Thailand, you just can’t look past ExpressVPN.

Fast, secure, and with a stream of great features, it doesn’t get better than this.

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