How can I unblock and access Sky One abroad with a VPN?

Sky One is among the most popular channels in Europe. If you are located in the EU, you can tune in and watch. The bad news is that outside of the countries supported you are locked out due to restrictions. If you don’t want to miss any of the programs you follow weekly you might ask how can I unblock and access Sky One abroad? The answer lies in the title, with a VPN.

Here we supply information on why you see those dreaded block notices when outside of Europe. How websites know you are not located in the EU and an easy way of getting past those annoying restrictions and tune in to watch wherever you are located. Of course, we will take you through a step-by-step guide to show you how to stream Sky One abroad.

Why do content restrictions apply?

You may be asking what you did wrong that you cannot access your favourite programs abroad. In actual fact, the restrictions are not applied to you alone. They are put in place so that content from Sky One cannot be shown outside of the EU and the UK.

How to stream Sky One abroad

There might be numerous reasons why Sky One does not want its content shown outside of Europe but the main one is usually down to licensing restrictions. So, how to access Sky One abroad to get around those licensing restrictions is the first and foremost question on your mind.

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How Sky knows you’re not in the UK?

At the same time, you might also be wondering how Sky One knows you’re not in Europe. Well they don’t have binoculars to track you or a tracking device inside your suitcase. They don’t need such things as it’s all down to the IP address of the device you are using. So, how can I unblock and access Sky One if it’s to do with my IP address? This is a good question if you know nothing about IP addresses.

When you go outside the EU your IP address changes to that of a restricted country. It no longer matches any of the countries supported. You cannot stop this, but software from ExpressVPN can.

How ExpressVPN Helps?

Yes, a small piece of software can change your IP address and address the question of how to watch Sky One outside of the UK.

ExpressVPN have servers in countries all over the world. When you take out a subscription to a Virtual Private Network, you then have access to these servers. You do not have to worry about changing the IP address you are connected to, as the software will do that for you and we will take you through the steps shortly.

All you need on your device to overcome restrictions and have the answer to your question of how can I unblock and stream Sky One abroad is a small download from ExpressVPNs website.

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Steps to Change Your IP

Now let us continue and show you the steps that are required for you to be able to get around the annoying black screen telling you that you cannot access the content you desperately want to see.

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We will go through this part of our guide in steps to make it easy enough for novices to technology to be able to follow. So if you’re still wondering how to unblock and watch Sky One outside of the UK head to step one below.

1. Which Plan?

First, you need to choose a plan. You might not travel abroad often, but you should realise that you can benefit more from a VPN than just overcoming restricted content. With this in mind you might wish to take advantage of the 49% savings offered for a yearly subscription. So choose your plan and sign up on the website.

2. Download the software

To follow this how to stream Sky One EU guide you have to download the software and install it. This is an easy task and it takes just a few minutes. Apps and software are available for a range of devices.

How to access and stream Sky One abroad

3. Choose a server

The final step in this guide is running the program that was installed onto your device by clicking on the ExpressVPN icon. On Windows, this will be in the Start menu. The server is key to your question of how can I access Sky One outside of the UK and after clicking on the icon the dashboard opens up allowing you to select a server.

ExpressVPN UK connected

When you want to watch Sky One abroad, it is key to choose a server from an EU country, such as the UK, Belgium, Germany or France. Connect to the server of your choice and then open the app or website you wish to stream from and you should be able to connect to your account and stream.

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