How can I unblock and access CNN abroad with a VPN?

CNN is an extremely popular US TV channel offering streaming in the USA via CNN Go. Residents of the United States can use the online streaming platform to check the latest news along with other content. However, it is limited to the states so if you go anywhere else in the world you will be met with restrictions. Don’t worry, we have the answer to your question, how can I unblock and access CNN abroad?

Restrictions are a nightmare, more so if you are in a routine of checking the channel on a daily basis. Regardless there will be times when you travel abroad and are met with a “content is not available” message.

How to stream CNN outside of the USA

The same restrictions apply whether you are a resident of the states travelling abroad or you are a news buff outside the United States and want to gain access to CNN Go. However, as the restrictions are the same, the answer for how to access CNN outside of the US is the same.

What stops you?

You might be wondering how streaming websites know that you are not currently located in America. The answer is in the IP address your device uses from the server you are connected to.

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Therefore, if you are connected to a server in a country abroad the IP address will be blocked, as it will not fall inside the range for America. So the answer to how can I stream CNN abroad? is to change your computer’s IP address.

How to watch CNN abroad

VPNs make changing IPs easy

A VPN is one of the easiest ways to swap your computer’s address to one supported in America. ExpressVPN is among the leaders and for many good reasons. They make it extremely easy to exchange IPs on any device you might want to stream on. In fact, wherever in the world you are located.

So, we have learned a VPN hides your true address, replacing it with an alternative one, which is key to solving the question of how can I unblock and access CNN abroad?

To obtain a replacement IP for the country you want to stream from, in this case the states, choose a plan from ExpressVPN.

Overcome restrictions

Download software to the device or devices you plan to stream content from the USA on and install it. Software is available for:

  • Windows PC;
  • Mac;
  • iOS;
  • Android; and
  • Many more.

The good news is that if you have gone abroad with your family, they can also learn how to unblock CNN abroad using the method here as they can use the same plan. This means no one has to miss their favourite shows whilst being away from home. You might stream CNN to catch up on the news, while another person in the family might want to stream content from a different US channel.

They might, for instance, watch CBS live abroad while you’re on CNN ! Indeed, ExpressVPN offers you 3 simultaneous connexions.

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Once the software is installed on your device open up the dashboard, allowing you to connect to any of the servers offered, to discover how easy it is to find out how to stream CNN outside of the USA.

How can I access CNN outside of the US

Choose a server located in any of the countries listed in the United States then click on the connect button and make sure it is “green” in colour as in the picture above.

If you see the green button, rest assured you have made a connection to one of the servers based in the US and content restrictions are a thing of the past.

All that is required to test that you have completed our how to stream CNN abroad guide successfully is to go to the CCN Go site and click on the content you want to watch. If all is well the content will now be available, if not you might want to restart your device and then try connecting to a server again, check to ensure you do choose a server in the USA.

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Advantages of ExpressVPN

One of the biggest advantages of ExpressVPN that you have learned about so far is answering the question, how can I unblock and access CNN abroad with the answer being to change your IP. There is no doubt that the provider does an excellent job here, but there are other advantages.

Not only can you unblock content from CNN but you can unblock any restricted content from any country. For instance, if you want to access and unblock the CW abroad, using ExpressVPN will definitely be a good option.

One of the most important things needed when streaming HD content is a good, reliable and stable connection and this is exactly what you get with this VPN provider.

In addition to being the answer to how to watch CNN outside of the US, a plan with this provider gives you additional security on your device. The tunnel it provides between you and the internet encrypts your personal information keeping it safe.

You get all of the above benefits and much more and with savings of 49% on a yearly subscription. It is great value for money. Indeed, if you pay for a 12-month plan you get a total of 15-months, that’s three months free! Additionally, all plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee with no conditions.

  1. I live in Italy and have Vpnexpress tuned on United States New York. I can not access Cnn live tv as I get a message which states that I am not authorized to view this content and to contact my provider which is Optimum. Can you help?

    • Reply
      Florian: founder 30 November 2019 at 19 h 31 min


      Please, confirm me if you have VPN Express or ExpressVPN, even though their names are close, they are TOTALLY different.

      We’re recommending ExpressVPN, and not VPN Express.

      Please, tell me which one you’re using. ExpressVPN should perfectly work to watch CNN in Italy and anywhere else in the world.



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