How Can I Watch US TV in South Africa? Here’s What to Do!

Being one of the largest economies in Africa and one of the countries with the most beautiful traditions and cultures on the continent, it’s understandable why foreigners are always traveling to South Africa. Either for business purposes or for leisure. If you’re on this page, there are chances that you’re a frequent traveler to this amazing destination.

However, whether you’re a US resident who travels to South Africa on a regular basis or a fan of US TV who resides permanently in this country, you may have discovered that you’re often unable to unblock and watch your favorite US TV shows online.

Today, we’ll be putting you out of your misery by teaching you how to unblock, access, and stream live US TV in South Africa.

Why do US Streaming Services Ban People from Other Countries?

US streaming services usually ban people from other countries due to the licensing contracts they have with other companies, which often limit them to airing their licensed content to only the people residing in the United States.

Since their contracts include that they must not enable viewers from other nations to stream their content, they often ban foreign viewers.

How Are They Able to Ban Them?

Each internet user has a unique IP address, which allows the different channels to determine the location from which a request is originated. Upon finding out that a request is being sent by an IP address that is not in the United States, US TV stream providers subsequently block the request and prevent the user from gaining access to their favorite content.

How Can I Get Past the Restrictions?


“How can I bypass such strict restrictions and unblock and watch US TV?” South African residents are asking. While there’re several ways to go about this, the most reliable one is using a VPN.

Since US streaming services use trespassers’ IP addresses to determine their location and block them, a VPN gives you a new IP address that conceals your genuine location and gives you access to the US TV within the United States.

If you want to stream NBC abroad, or stream AMC abroad, or any other channels you love, changing your IP address is what you have to do.

Which VPN Can I Use to Unblock US TV?


If you’re wondering “how can I find a reliable VPN to unblock and watch US TV right from South Africa,” we recommend ExpressVPN.

With more than 3,000 servers in more than 164 locations, this VPN service guarantees lightning-fast speeds for streaming. And of course, it’s speedy operation doesn’t have any negative impact on how it handles other important things like security.

Featuring numerous security features like data encryption, IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch, you can rest assured that your privacy won’t be jeopardized while you access or watch your favorite US TV shows.

On top of that, ExpressVPN is incredibly easy to install and is available on nearly every platform you can think of (Desktop, tablet, smartphone, AppleTV, SmartTV, Playstation, Router, …).

While the price you’ll pay for this VPN is relatively hefty, it’s totally justified. Especially with how it features different incentives like a 3-month free subscription when you buy a 1-year plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee which takes the risk out of your investment.

And the best of all, it comes with no conditions or risks.

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How to Use ExpressVPN to Unblock US TV in South Africa?

Here are a few quick steps on how to unblock US TV with ExpressVPN:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN using the button above.
  • Download the app and sign in with your credentials.
  • Connect to the server in the US.
  • Watch US TV in South Africa.


If you’re a fan of US TV who wants to learn how to stream your favorite channels in South Africa, ExpressVPN is your best bet to unlock, access, and watch your favorite shows. Fast, secure, and easy to download – we can’t imagine how anyone will look past them!

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