How Can I Unblock and Access AMC Abroad With a VPN?

Residents of the United States and Canada head over to AMC to watch good old US classics and new shows. The rest of the world cannot access the channel, which is a pity. So, if you are asking, how can I unblock and access AMC abroad, continue reading to find the answer.

What is AMC?

You might know the channel by the name of American Movie Classics. The channel has been airing for more than 30 years, offering a variety of shows and content. It is a favorite of many and now has the name of AMC.

Whether you want to watch a classic series such as Walking Dead or the Breaking Bad, the good old American Movie Classics offers them, and much more.

How to stream AMC abroad

So, whether you are searching to find out how to access AMC outside of the United States or you prefer the older name of American Movie Classics, we have the answer.

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What are Geo-Restrictions?

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You will have no trouble tuning in to watch AMC if you are in Canada or the US. However, move outside of the region it airs in and you will find you cannot access the content. So what is that all about?

It is all about geo-restrictions, limits on watching content from other countries. Don’t worry. Later on, we’ll show you how to watch AMC outside of the United States and Canada and take advantage of the supreme content offered.

Let’s start by briefly looking at why you might be unable to access AMC abroad.

Bear in mind that the website is US-based, therefore, it’s available only in that country. It basically checks your IP every time you try to access it, to determine if you’re from a respective country. You do not know this is happening but it does.

When you visit the site to stream, you find you are blocked and this leads you to search for the answer to how to stream AMC abroad.

One of the biggest reasons you cannot access content outside of a specific country is explained by licensing. TV networks in the states have licensing rights for showing certain countries, certain areas, but not outside.

Licensing rights are a big deal with the heads of TV networks meeting at the LA Screenings to buy and sell broadcasting rights. Content is then exclusive and the network is unable to show it outside of America.

Even knowing this, you might still be asking how can I access AMC outside of the US.

Now that you have a better idea of why you are restricted from accessing certain content outside of a country, we will proceed to look at what you can do about it and how.

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How Does a VPN Overcome Blocked Content?

So how does a VPN help you to get around blocked content and allow you to stream it online? We will do our utmost to answer it as simple as possible, along with the question of how can I access AMC abroad.

When you connect to the internet from wherever you are in the world, your computer has an IP address. It links to your location and anyone can trace your IP to discover where you’re located. This includes the website you are trying to stream on.

If you can hide your actual location and take on a fake one, you can access blocked content.

This is exactly what a Virtual Private Network offers, a fake IP address while hiding your own. It is critical to understand how can I unblock and access AMC abroad. You can now use it to watch content on any device.

How to unblock AMC abroad

Check Out How to Unblock AMC Below:

To gain access to your favorite shows abroad you should:

  • Sign up for a plan with ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the software.
  • Run the software and sign in with your username and password or activation code.
  • Find a server located within either Canada or the USA and connect.
  • Go to the website to stream your favorite shows.

You now have the answer to how to unblock and watch AMC abroad.

How to watch AMC outside of the US

Now, whenever you want to watch restricted content, open the software and connect to a server of the country whose content you wish to stream. Of course, you can gain further benefits from the VPN by leaving it running all the time when browsing the internet.

With a VPN, you can stream any blocked content in HD quality but also browse the internet in total security. This will also help you if you want to access FOX abroad or stream ESPN from anywhere.

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What Makes ExpressVPN a Good Choice?

ExpressVPN review

We have chosen ExpressVPN here to answer your question of how can I stream AMC abroad and we did so for many reasons.

ExpressVPN offers exceptional features and super-fast speeds along with being great value for money. Take out a 12-month subscription and get 15-months access, and you make savings of 49%.

Take a look at many of the features offered in the screenshot below.

How can I stream AMC outside of the United States

As you can see from the above, there are numerous reasons why they are a popular choice among those looking for answers to how can I unblock and access AMC abroad?

Test it now risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee and enjoy your late-night streaming sessions on AMC or any other platform!

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