How Can I Watch US TV in Singapore? Here’s What to Do!

With a great healthcare system, an efficient education system, and 4 of the 50 most delicious foods in the world, it’s safe to say that Singapore is a country that has lots of things going for it. Unfortunately, like most other countries around the world, the country also lacks access to  US TV (ABC, CNN, The CW, NBC, FOX, ESPN (read our article on how to unblock ESPN abroad).

With that said, you might want to learn how to unblock and stream US TV in Singapore if you’re an American going on a trip to this amazing country. You might also be looking for this knowledge if you’re a fan of US TV who resides in Singapore.

Regardless of the category in which you fall, consider yourself lucky because this article intends to teach you how to unblock, access, and watch US TV while you’re outside of the United States.

For everyone who’s wondering “how can I unblock and watch US TV in Singapore”, here’s our guide.

Why US TV Can’t be Watched in Singapore?

Generally, the content you watch on US TV is usually licensed from television networks and movie studios, and the streaming service must have signed licensing contracts for every region where its content can be viewed.

Sadly, most of these companies often limit access to their content only within the borders of the United States, except the likes of CBS News and ABC News.

How Do They Find Out My Location?

Acorn TV error message

When you connect to the internet on either your mobile device or computer, a unique IP address is assigned to it. Just like the postal address of your home, the IP address allows the internet to know the information that is being sent or received by your device.

Every country is assigned a series of unique IP addresses that only the devices inside their borders can use. US stream providers can find out where the connection of a viewer is being originated by looking at their IP address.

Upon discovering that a viewer is trying to unblock or watch their content from another country, they block their access immediately.

Use ExpressVPN to Bypass the Restrictions

Use ExpressVPN to stream Netflix

With its spoofing capabilities, a VPN is the sure-fire way to unblock the restrictions placed on US TV streaming services. How does a VPN do this? It’s simple! A VPN simply assigns to you a new IP address that’s different from the one you have in Singapore, thereby fooling the stream providers that you’re trying to watch their content within the US.

How easy!

In a market packed with many unreliable VPNs, ExpressVPN stays above the competition with its super-fast speed, super-solid security, exceptional multi-platform support, and allowance for up to 5 concurrent connections.

Not only that but how ExpressVPN installs easily is also impressive. Within a few minutes, it’s done and you’ll be able to unblock, access, and stream your favorite US TV shows in Singapore.

How can you install it on your computer?

Just download the app and follow the installation guide. There is nothing easier. Then, you’ll be able to access US Television abroad, no matter where you are in the world, thanks to its 3,000+ servers around the globe.

To make up for its expensive price, the VPN service also comes with some juicy extras. When you subscribe to a 12-month subscription, you get 3 months free, which saves you 49% on your initial cost.

Apart from that, the service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the option to change your mind within the first 30 days without being questioned.

Watch US TV in Singapore with ExpressVPN!


Being able to feel at home away from home is the secret of enjoying any trip, and if you’re looking for a way to stream your local channels in Singapore, subscribe to ExpressVPN today.

We hope this guide has been able to teach you how to unblock, access, and watch US TV in Singapore.

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