How can I unblock and access ESPN abroad with a VPN?

ESPN is the world leader when it comes to sport as it is home to the NFL and NBA games along with football and Formula 1 racing. While this is great news if you live in the United States, if you travel outside of the US or live anywhere else you cannot stream the content. So is there anything you can do when pondering over the question of how can I unblock and access ESPN abroad? The easiest answer is to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network such as that offered by ExpressVPN.

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1. ESPN is one of the most popular sport channel. But unfortunately, it's not available abroad, outside the US. The streaming platform locks the content using IP addresses.
2. If you want to watch the matches, you can use a VPN : your will be able to fake your identity and localisation, connecting to a server in the US. You will have a brand new IP address, in the country you want.
3. But it's not possible with all VPN providers : make sure to choose one of the best to have a good streaming experience.

Unblock ESPN outside of the US with a VPN

We will not only show you how to eliminate geo-restrictions and unblock ESPN on your computer if you are outside of the United States, we will also help you to deal with the question of how can I access ESPN outside of the US on any device? This includes devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PlayStation and Smart TVs.

Yes, you can watch ESPN where you want, whenever you want and on whatever device you want, even outside of the US.

By following this guide you don’t have to miss any of the NBA or NFL games, even if you happen to be travelling outside of the country on the day it is shown. You can watch glued to your seat at every thrilling bend and curve the Formula 1 cars take.

But how is this possible you might be asking? What is the magic that suddenly allows anyone, anywhere to stream content only available in the US, outside of the US?

The answer to the question “how can I unblock and access ESPN abroad?” is changing your IP address to make the website think you are in the United States. It is not actually magic; it is thanks to clever software and the VPN provider who provide you with an IP address from their servers.

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Are technical skills needed?

Honestly there is nothing difficult about learning how to stream ESPN abroad; you do not need any specific technical knowledge. You only need to set up a small piece of software from ExpressVPN based on the device you wish to stream to. If you use a computer or smartphone regularly, the chances are you will be used to installing apps or software.

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There is no difference here and the same principle applies when it comes to the issue of how can I access ESPN abroad on any device? Whether you are installing on your Windows PC or any other device, the technology behind it is identical.

The only difference is that after installing you have to use the dashboard to connect to a server. You also have to have the software running when you want to be able to access restricted content.

When learning how to unblock ESPN outside of the US one of the main points to keep in mind is that if you want to watch content in a specific country you have to connect to a server in that country. In this instance, you want to watch ESPN, which is only available to those located in the United States. Therefore the server has to be one based in the US to provide you with an IP address.

how to access ESPN abroad

5 easy steps to Unblock ESPN abroad

Follow the five steps below to answer the question of how can I unblock and access ESPN abroad with a VPN.

  1. Download software for your device or computer;
  2. Install the software onto your device just as you would with any other program or app;
  3. Find the program icon in the start menu and click on it;
  4. Manually choose a server based in the United States and connect to that server;
  5. Stream the content you want, where you want and when you want.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to watch ESPN abroad.

The answer to how can I access and stream ESPN outside of the US also applies to any other content blocked in your country. To bypass the geo-restrictions of countries simply install VPN software on your device and choose a server based in the country offering the content.

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  2. Huge savings on plans paid yearly, saving you up to 49% right now on a 12-month plan with three months free, making it 15-months.
  3. 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee on all packages whether billed monthly or annually.
  4. They offer everything you could ever need or want and more when thinking about how to watch ESPN outside of the US.

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More benefits to using a VPN

While using a VPN is a great solution to solve the question of how can I unblock ESPN abroad?, it does have other uses. You can use the Virtual Private Network to:

  • Do Torrenting safely by keeping prying eyes away
  • Unblock any geo-restricted content (ESPN + any other channel in the world)
  • Protect from hackers or ISP’s monitoring
  • Remain safe when browsing the internet from internet cafes.

To go further, you can read our article How can I watch FOX abroad ? which will guide you through the process to watch that channel while outside of the US.

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