How Can I Unblock and Access The CW Abroad With a VPN?

How can I unblock and access The CW abroad? This question might be on your mind if you have ventured outside of the US and headed to the website or opened the app to stream content. Since The CW is an US-based TV channel, if you go outside of the states, you’ll see a black screen telling you the content is not available.

Why Am I Seeing This?

If you watch the channel on a regular basis but you’re abroad for some time, understanding how to stream The CW abroad is going to be one of your priorities. After all, you do not want to miss the next exciting episode of the series you watch.

You might also be asking why am I seeing just a black screen telling me I cannot access the content.

The channel and its content are still there. However, you cannot see it because you are outside the country and it is not made available in the country you are currently located.

By learning how to watch The CW abroad with our help, you can get rid of the black screen and get the channel back.

In most cases, blocked content is due to licensing rights within the US. It is as simple as that. Licensing restricts content to that country and the networks cannot offer it outside.

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Now that you understand the blackout is down to licensing issues, you will be pleased to hear that we can show you how to access The CW outside of the US.

Video explaining to you how to unblock and watch The CW:

How a VPN Gets Around IP Restrictions?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you get around the restrictions of content in different countries. But, what is this strange thing, you might be asking, and how can it help?

The reason you are restricted from accessing content is your IP address. Most of the time, you will not be interested in your IP. Perhaps you did not even know it existed.

However, it suddenly becomes important when asking how can I unblock and access The CW abroad?

An IP Address is Unique

Your IP address is to your computer, what your home address is to your house. People need to know your address to send you mail or visit you. People need to know your IP address for your email service to send emails. For downloads to reach your computer and more.

The address for each computer is as unique as your house address. You don’t have to know your IP address when wondering how to stream The CW outside of the United States as the VPN will change it to get around restrictions.

A VPN hides your true IP. It then gives you one from a server based in the country whose content you want to watch. In this case, the United States. When you take on this alternative IP address, it looks like you are located in America and the restriction disappears.

Now you know how to get around restrictions we will move on to the steps needed in order to do just that.

How to Watch The CW Outside of the US?

You have learned so far that a check of your IP address when visiting websites brings restrictions. On the brighter side, ExpressVPN can provide you with an alternative one. Read our ExpressVPN review to understand why ExpressVPN is the best for streaming. To make this happen follow the information below.

Head over to ExpressVPN’s website to choose a plan. You can make savings of 49% when taking a plan over 12-months and you get 3-months free. So you get 15-months in total.

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The next step in our how to watch The CW abroad guide is to choose the type of download you need. Software and apps are available for a huge range of devices.

How to stream The CW abroad

Install the software on your chosen device or computer and then click on the icon to run the software to bring up the dashboard.

How to watch The CW abroad

Choose the server you want to connect to and make sure it’s located in the US. This will allow you to access The CW from abroad.

If you are wondering if you have followed our how to stream The CW abroad tutorial properly, just check that the connect button is green and then head to the website.

How to access The CW outside of the United States

Aree still with us at this point? In that case, you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back because you should be able to stream. You can now look forward to sitting down and watching your favorite shows wherever you are outside of the United States.

This the answer to the question you first asked, how can I unblock and access The CW abroad?

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Once you have signed in and connected to the ExpressVPN software a couple of times, it will become second nature to you.

Not only can you use the software to watch The CW outside of the USA, but you can also use it to watch any content that was previously blocked, and unblock US TV abroad, no matter the channel.

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