How Can I Access US TV in Panama? Here’s What You Have to Do.

Panama is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer. However, if you live in this country, you probably often wonder, “How can I watch US TV in Panama?” That’s alright – many people like you cannot access US TV channels, and thus cannot watch their favorite shows from the US. Well, don’t worry! In this post, you can find out how to unblock and watch US TV in Panama. Just use a trusted VPN as we advised in our article on how to unblock and watch AMC abroad.

What is a VPN and How Does It Work?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you access to content even if it is blocked in your country or if the host country blocks its access from outside that country.

The same is true for the USA – many US Television content is restricted and cannot be viewed from outside the USA. A VPN allows you to surpass this restriction and access your desired content. You’ll be able to unblock and stream all your favorite TV shows in Panama then.

But How Does a VPN Do That?

Well, your computer or device has an IP address, using it, any website you visit can identify your location. It helps them show you the most relevant content as per your region. However, it also allows them to block you from watching content that is geographically restricted.

That’s where a VPN comes in. It allows you to connect to a separate server first, such as a server in the US. This means that, when the website checks your IP address, they will get the IP address of that server in the US.

When you connect with a VPN, you can select which country’s IP you want, which leads to websites thinking you are accessing from that country.

That’s the answer to your question of how to unblock US television in Panama. Simply select ‘USA’ while connecting to the VPN, and you can watch and stream US television unfettered.

Great! But What Is the Best VPN to Access US TV in Panama?


There are many different VPNs out there you can use to unblock US TV in Panama. You may have a new question how: “How can I pick the best VPN?

A VPN that is widely loved by all is ExpressVPN. The service offers 3,000+ servers worldwide, letting you unblock and stream content from nearly anywhere around the world, not just the US.

To have an overview, you can check our guide on how to unblock and access UK TV abroad. While they are a premium provider and more expensive than other VPNs, they offer 3 months of free subscription with the purchase of every 12-month subscription.

Take Windscribe VPN, for example – one of the most popular free VPNs around the world. It gives you a choice of accessing content from 58 different countries, including the US.

However, many people complain the browsing speed can be slow, which is not ideal when it comes to streaming your favorite shows.

Another VPN, CyberGhost, gives you similar options but has a higher speed of browsing. Although you have to pay a small monthly fee, you can stream US television more smoothly. Similarly, NordVPN is a high-speed VPN that can connect to 5,400 servers in 60 countries, including the US.

Despite all of that, our go-to option would still be ExpressVPN.

If you don’t like the service, you can claim a 30-day money-back guarantee from ExpressVPN. Meaning you can try it out and access US TV, but if you’re unsatisfied, you get your money back. It’s a risk-free method of accessing and watching American TV in Panama.

To help you decide how to pick the best VPN for your purposes, we’ll recommend ExpressVPN. However, if it’s a bit more expensive for you, CyberGhost and NordVPN are great options. Just click on their linked names above and get a subscription you like!

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to unblock US TV in Panama, download one of the prescribed VPNs and get started! From now on, your location won’t stop you from watching your favorite US shows!

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  1. I have a streaming service in the USA, Fubo TV…. I was in Panama, had a VPN, and Fubo streaming service detected the VPN so I wasn’t able to watch American TV while I was in Panama.

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