How Can I Unblock and Access UK TV Abroad With a VPN?

If you are asking how can I unblock and access UK TV abroad with a VPN you can find the answer right here. In this guide, we will take a look at how easy it is to tune in to content from the United Kingdom regardless of where you are located.

It is important to consider that not all Virtual Private Networks work with platforms such as BBC iPlayer or UK TV Play. However, ExpressVPN does and this is why we chose it as a reference.

Why British Content is Blocked?

We will show you how to stream UK TV outside of the country. But first, let us talk a little about why you have to unblock content. Why are there geo-restrictions?

You will be all too familiar with the words “Sorry, the content isn’t available in your area”. This means the content has been restricted -in this case, to the UK. There can be many reasons why countries will restrict content.

It may be the result of religious grounds, government bans, or, most of the time, TV licensing issues.

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The TV channels buy rights for specific geographic areas. If you’re not in those areas, then you can’t access the live streaming. It is that simple. The good news is that, with a VPN, you’ll be able to change your virtual location and therefore, unblock all geo-restricted content, like UK TV when you’re abroad.

We already explained that in our guide to help you understand how to access ESPN abroad. We strongly invite you to read it if you want to watch this US channel live from anywhere!

How ExpressVPN Overcomes Restrictions?

Geo-restriction ExpressVPN

In regards to understanding how to access UK TV when you’re abroad, you have to keep in mind that your IP address determines whether you can access the content or not. If the IP address is not located within the United Kingdom, content is blocked.

The easiest solution is to always have a UK IP address regardless of the country you are located in, but how is this possible?

Well, this is where ExpressVPN comes in.

The software helps you to overcome any geo-restrictions, providing the answer to the question of how can I watch UK TV abroad. In short, using software from this provider, you can obtain an IP address from within the United Kingdom.

The website you visit for streaming national TV will then think you’re located within the UK and allow you to access the site. Essentially, this is how you overcome the restrictions.

We can now move on to show you the steps needed to gain that all-important IP address to overcome geo-restrictions.

How Can I Unblock and Access UK TV Abroad?

If you are still wondering how to stream UK TV abroad, you can follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Download the Software

Head over to the ExpressVPN website and choose the correct software. ExpressVPN supports:


Step 2: Install the Software

Click on the download to install the software and go through the installation clicking on any prompts that may pop up.

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Step 3: Choose a UK Server

The final step to learning how to watch UK TV abroad is to open up the software you installed and choose a server from the list based in the United Kingdom.

ExpressVPN on Mac

To do this, you can type “United Kingdom” in the text field box and search, look under the recommended or all servers. If you do look at the recommend or all servers, bear in mind that you have to pick a server in the United Kingdom (London for instance) to access the content you want.

This is the most important step in our how can I unblock and access UK TV abroad guide, as the server of the country provides you with the IP address you need.

All you have to do now is connect to the server and take on the virtual IP address chosen. If you have followed these instructions, you should now be able to watch your favorite shows, BBC iPlayer, and any other UK content without being restricted.

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Why ExpressVPN is a Good Choice?

ExpressVPN-countries-listBy now, you should no longer be asking how to stream UK TV abroad as you should know the answer. However, you might be wondering why we have suggested ExpressVPN when there are so many others out there?

The first reason is that not all VPNs allow access to channels such as UK TV and BBC iPlayer, wheres, ExpressVPN does. You can stream BBC iPlayer, ITV, and any other content once connected to a server located in the United Kingdom.

The second good reason you should choose the company to answer the question of how can I unblock and access UK TV abroad, is that they offer turbocharged VPN with a speed-test feature built-in. This allows you to select the fastest server location to minimize issues when streaming in HD.

best topMany subpar companies are out there offering a Virtual Private Network, but not all offer the features that ExpressVPN does. These are just a few of the reasons why they are the trusted leader in VPN and the choice of millions asking how to watch UK TV abroad.

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