How Can I Watch US TV in Japan? Here’s What to Do!

Probably one of the most frustrating situations anyone could be in is being unable to unblock, watch, or stream their favorite TV shows when they want. Since most American streaming sites don’t work in Japan, this is an all-too-familiar circumstance for US TV enthusiasts living in the Asian country.

Due to geo-restrictions, Americans living in Japan are always looking for an answer to the one-billion-dollar question – “how can I unblock and stream US TV outside of the United States?” In this guide, we will be showing you exactly how to access or watch American television while residing in this wonderful country.

What is US TV Banned in Japan?

It must be made clear that American streaming services are not blocked in Japan only, but generally anywhere outside of the United States. Primarily, this is due to the different legal agreements entered into by US stream providers, which often limit them to making their content available only in the United States.

How do American Stream Providers Know Your Location?

Your IP address is like your postal address when you’re on the internet. Every country in the world has different IP addresses and US TV channels only need to check yours to uncover the location from which you’re trying to unblock their content.

If they find out that you’re trying to stream or watch their content from somewhere outside the United States, your access will be blocked.

How Can I Outflank These Restrictions?

“How can I bypass these restrictions?” – you’re wondering. When trying to unblock US television from Japan, the number one solution is always a VPN. Obviously, US TV services can discover your location with your IP address, which usually shows your location.

To help gain access, a VPN will assign you a US IP address, which makes you appear as though you’re in the United States. You can guess the outcome, right? You’ll now be able to stream or watch US TV right from the comfort of your home in Japan.

Which of the Available VPNs Should I Choose?

ExpressVPN Smart TV

If you want to learn how to use a VPN to unblock and access US television, your best bet is always ExpressVPN. 3,000+ of the company’s servers are located in more than 94 countries around the world, which allows you to watch or stream your favorite TV shows at a lightning speed.

This will be perfect if you want to unblock My5 abroad or watch Now TV live abroad. For this, you’ll need to choose a UK based server and not a US-based one.

ExpressVPN is also peerless when it comes to security. Their 256-bit AES encryption means that they don’t store or track your data whenever you’re using their services to unblock and stream US TV sites in Japan.

As soon as you connect to their server to stream or watch, most of your information is hidden from everyone, including ExpressVPN themselves.

Moreover, the VPN also offers multi-platform support, which makes it compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. What’s more, the VPN offers support for Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, and even Amazon Fire TV.

And it also allows you to install a browser extension on either your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, thereby allowing you to unblock, access, and watch US TV in Japan whenever you want. How sweet!

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Is It Affordable?

This is usually the part where most people in Japan have problems with ExpressVPN. The VPN does come at a hefty price, but we’ll assure you that it’ll deliver even more value than what you’re paying for.

To make things easier for you, the company includes a couple of inducements, which includes a 3-month free subscription whenever you buy a 12-month plan, saving you 49% in the process.

How to watch US TV in Japan

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Is It Worth the Price?

With its super-fast speed to watch live shows, its wide range of incredible features, and its airtight security, ExpressVPN is totally worth its premium price. It’s safe to say it is the perfect choice to learn how to unblock, access, and stream US TV channels like Hulu, HBO, and Netflix.

Despite all the perks, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows unsatisfied users to get a no-question full refund within the initial 30 days.


⛔️ Why US TV Channels are not available in Japan?

Because of TV rights. American TV channels and streaming platforms have rights only for the United States. Therefore, as soon as someone located abroad tries to access their programs, they must prohibit access. It is for this reason that it is normally impossible to watch American TV from Japan.

? Can I watch US Netflix in Japan?

Of course. With a VPN like ExpressVPN, it will be very easy for you to get an American IP and thus enjoy Netflix US from Japan. Right now, ExpressVPN is simply the best VPN for Netflix.

? Is it possible to use a free VPN?

You can still try, but for us, this is clearly not a viable solution. Free VPNs are slow, limit your data usage, and can’t protect you. This is why we advise you to put a few bucks per month to obtain a good paid VPN.

⚠️ Is it legal to use a VPN to watch US TV abroad?

Yes, you risk absolutely nothing using a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch American TV in Japan. Especially when you know that nobody will ever know anything since your IP will be changed and your Internet traffic encrypted.

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