How Can I Unblock and Access NOW TV Abroad With a VPN?

NOW TV is a great choice for streaming and watching a wide range of channels in the UK. There is something for everyone – movies, sport, entertainment, and news, all in one package. That is unless you go outside of the UK. In this case, you will be asking the question how can I unblock and access NOW TV abroad?

Thankfully, there is a way and the solution is relatively simple. You sign up to hide your IP address behind a Virtual Private Network. We chose ExpressVPN thanks to its lightning-fast speed, which is perfect for streaming in HD.

Why Restrictions?


When traveling abroad it can be nice to have some of your home comforts, such as the TV shows you regularly follow. Instead, there is a black screen. This leads to wanting to know how to stream NOW TV abroad.

However, why are there restrictions when you pay monthly to stream using the service?

Licensing laws stop you from streaming content outside of the UK. Therefore, due to licensing laws, if you venture outside of the United Kingdom you cannot gain access to content. This applies despite your monthly subscription being active.

In other words, if you go abroad for two weeks out of the month, two weeks of subscription are wasted. That is unless you find the answer to how can I unblock and access NOW TV abroad.

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It’s All Down to IP Addresses

Every computer has its own IP address and websites check the IP address to determine what part of the world you are located. There are bands of IP addresses in groups based on countries.

If you go abroad, your IP address will not fall within the band for the United Kingdom, and instead of being able to access NOW TV, get a black screen. This leads you to want to know how to watch NOW TV abroad. Thankfully, we have a simple answer.

Should you want to stream Sky Atlantic outside of the UK, you’ll just have to switch on your VPN in the UK, and everything will be unblocked!

Swapping IP Addresses

To overcome restrictions you need a computer address located in the UK. However, you might be half-way around the world. So how is this possible?

You take out a subscription with ExpressVPN and they allow you to connect to any of their servers worldwide, including the UK.

This will let you get a UK IP address. Therefore, the answer to your question of how can I unblock and access NOW TV abroad is to replace your IP address with one from the servers of ExpressVPN.

Once you have done so, you can log in to your account with NOW TV and stream any content you want, wherever you happen to be located in the world. Streaming your favorite shows becomes a piece of cake once you use a VPN.

How to use ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN unblock restrictions

We are now going to show you a few simple steps that will never again have you wondering how to watch NOW TV outside of the United Kingdom. The same steps apply whether you are installing software on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Only the download and install process will differ.

If you want to stream from a laptop, you can download software from the ExpressVPN website. If you are using a smartphone, go to iTunes or Google Play Store to download and install, depending on your operating system.

Once you have completed the steps below you will be able to access content anytime without having to wonder how to stream NOW TV abroad every again.

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Choose your plan

ExpressVPN offers various plans, and this is the first step you need to undertake to start removing the imposed restrictions.

How to unblock and access NowTV abroad

There are plans to suit the needs of everyone, with the biggest savings being made when you subscribe yearly instead of monthly. As you can see from the picture above, if you subscribe for 12-months, you get 15 months in total and can make savings of 49%.

Download and Install

Moving on with our how to watch NOW TV abroad guide, you need to download the chosen software and install it. The installation should take just a few seconds.

Open the software

For the magic to happen, you need to click on the ExpressVPN icon on your device. This will open the software, which presents you with the dashboard. You should bear in mind you are not connected to a server when the dashboard first opens up.

ExpressVPN UK

To switch your IP address, which is the answer to how can I unblock and access NOW TV abroad, you have to choose a UK server.

Once you have done so you can go ahead and press the connect button.

You might think of this as being the magic button. This is the key to swapping your IP with that of one from your chosen server in the United Kingdom and being able to view content from the UK in any county.

As we explained in our recent article “How can I watch The CBS abroad ?“, choosing a server in the US will enable you to unblock US TV channels.

ExpressVPN UK connected

Congratulations! With your new UK IP address, you should be able to visit NOW TV and stream your favorite content online!

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