How to Unblock and Watch Acorn TV Outside of the US?

Acorn TV brings some of the best UK TV series to residents and visitors located in America. You can stream content online, on Android devices, Roku, Apple TV, and more. However, if you go outside of the country, you cannot stream this content. If you are wondering how to unblock and watch Acorn TV outside of the US, we offer a solution.

Use a VPN to Stream Abroad

A Virtual Private Network is an excellent and versatile tool for a range of circumstances and one of them is to overcome geo-restrictions.

Geo-restrictions are blocks to stop people accessing certain content online that is licensed only for showing in certain regions.

The best VPN you can choose for the US in our opinion is ExpressVPN. The provider offers a huge range of servers based in America, plus thousands worldwide. However, you might also consider NordVPN and CyberGhost.

Your IP Address – The Crucial Factor

Acorn TV restricted

The block is placed depending on the IP address of the device used when visiting the website or connecting via an app.

The United States has a certain range of IP addresses, as do other countries around the world. Your location is picked up by the site you visit. If outside of America, you see a screen telling you that you cannot watch content.

How a VPN Beats Restrictions?


Now, we are going to show you how to unblock and watch Acorn TV live outside of the US using a Virtual Private Network.

The way a Virtual Private Network helps you to overcome geo-restrictions is by allowing you to take on an alternate IP address. In the case of streaming from this provider, you connect to a server from a state within the United States.

When you do this, to all intents and purposes, any website you visit believes you are located in that state in America.

Therefore, to get around geo-restrictions and unblock websites, you simply need to change your IP address through a Virtual Private Network to one of the countries whose content you want to stream.

Steps to Watch Acorn TV Live Abroad

Still wondering how to unblock and watch Acorn TV outside of the US? Check out the three easy steps below.

Step One

ExpressVPN unblock restrictions

The first step is to find a Virtual Private Network provider and sign up for a plan with it.

ExpressVPN is a great choice as the provider boasts numerous servers scattered around the United States. Of course, servers are not limited to the United States – they offer 3,000+ of them around the world.

The provider offers unlimited bandwidth, which is needed to stream in HD. Plus, using this VPN for gaming can improve your experience in situations where your ISP limits bandwidth.

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ExpressVPN also offers monthly or yearly plans. Why not sign up with a plan for the year and get 3 months free? You also save 49% compared to paying monthly.


Step Two

You now need to download apps onto the devices that you want to use to stream from. There is a range of apps for many different devices. Once downloaded, go ahead and install the app to then launch it.

Step Three

When the app opens, you can sign in to your account and a dashboard opens up. This is where you choose a server, so go ahead and choose one from the states and click on the Connect button.

ExpressVPN server choices

Congratulations, you can now stream Acorn TV abroad wherever you are in the world!

Needless to say, a VPN will help you unblock other sites and platforms. These include Netflix, HBO GO, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. By getting ExpressVPN, you do yourself a huge favor when it comes to bypassing geo-blocks and maintaining online security.

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