How Can I Unblock and Cccess FOX Abroad With a VPN?

FOX is a US-based TV channel offering entertainment, sport, news, and more. Sadly, only residents of the United States can watch it, and the rest of the world is blocked. That is unless you sign up with a VPN provider such as ExpressVPN. Whether you are a resident of the US who is traveling abroad or you live in another country and want to stream US content, right here, you can find the answer to the question of how can I unblock and access FOX abroad?

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1. Fox is not available abroad due to geo restrictions. You have to be in the US to watch all the content.
2. To know where you are, the platform uses your IP address. It locks the content if you are outside the US.
3. With a VPN, you can change your IP address and fake your location everywhere, thanks to your provider's servers. You will be able to watch everything wherever you are.
4. Not all providers are working, therefore, you have to choose the right one. Some are really affordable, starting from merely a few bucks a month.

How to Unblock and Stream FOX Outside of the US?

It is easy to stream FOX anywhere in the world when you are behind a Virtual Private Network. This is because you take on a virtual IP address, which makes it look like you are a United States resident.

We’ve already explained all this in our article and guide to know how to unblock and watch NBC abroad.

Your IP address is hidden from view and you can set up the software without having any technical knowledge. We make it even easier, as you can follow our guide below to learn how to watch FOX outside of the US.

Use ExpressVPN to access FOX outside of the US >

Before we go on with the steps required for you to know how to unblock FOX outside of the US, let us take a brief look at what a VPN does. You do not need to know the technicalities behind it. However, you might be interested, so we will keep it simple.

Once connected to one of the servers from the provider, that server essentially creates a tunnel between your computer (location) and the internet. The data that passes through the tunnel is encrypted.


How does this work in regards to how to stream FOX outside of the US? The software provides you with an IP address from the server of your choice (in this case, the United States). This makes it look as though you are located in that country. It is that simple!

Without any further ado, we will now take you through the steps needed to solve the question of how to watch FOX live abroad?

How Can I Access and Stream FOX Abroad?

It stands to reason that you will need to sign up for a plan with ExpressVPN, download, and install the software.

We will not go through the downloading and installation process. The provider provides clear information for you to do this.

The question of how to access FOX abroad is answered easily thanks to ExpressVPN. Assuming you are on Windows PC, navigate to the “Start” menu on your computer and click on the ExpressVPN icon to open up the dashboard.

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While you could just use the “Smart Location” chosen by the software, this is not always in your best interest. This is down to the fact that it might not be a server in the United States.

As this tutorial is showing you how to access FOX outside of the US, it is important to remember that in order for this to work, you are required to connect to one of the US servers offered in the list.

ExpressVPN offers numerous US servers allowing you to unblock and stream FOX live abroad, with just some shown in the screenshot below.

How can I stream FOX abroad

So, when it comes to how to stream FOX abroad, you simply choose one out of the many US-based servers. Connect to that server every time you wish to access and stream FOX outside of the United States.

How Can I Access and Stream FOX Abroad Without a Computer?

You now know the answer to the question of how can I access FOX abroad on a computer, but what if you are traveling and don’t have access to a computer?

If this sounds like a scenario you might be faced with, it leads to the question of how can I stream FOX abroad on my laptop or mobile phone?

Again, it is possible. ExpressVPN offers software not only for home computers. You can download the VPN client app to a range of devices. These include:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TV
  • PlayStation
  • Android TV

Use ExpressVPN to unblock FOX outside of the US >

So, if you were wondering how to access and stream FOX outside of the US on various devices, don’t worry, as ExpressVPN offers a solution for all your devices.

What Separates ExpressVPN from Other Providers?

why choose ExpressVPN to stream RTE abroad

Why might you want to choose ExpressVPN as your Virtual Private Network to solve the issue of how to stream FOX abroad? It is for sure one of the best you could use to unblock Whatsapp in China, but that’s not all!

Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  • Lightning-fast speeds.
  • They have servers based in the United States that are a part of their 3,000+ servers in 94 countries across the globe.
  • Super easy-to-use software for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, AppleTV, SmartTV, and more.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 49% discount on 12 months packages.
  • Gain access to any content.
  • No restrictions on streaming, no stuttering or pauses.

We hope that this article has taught you how to unblock and access FOX abroad and you are now happily streaming content wherever in the world you visit. Have at it!

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