How can I unblock and access Channel 4 abroad with a VPN?

One of the most watched channels in the UK is Channel 4. Anyone located in the United Kingdom can access the channel online and stream content via the My4 platform. However, outside of the UK streaming is blocked, this leaves you wondering, how can I unblock and access Channel 4 abroad? Whether you follow the Bake Off series or the gripping new drama, The Virtues, travel abroad and you are going to miss the next exciting episode. Unless, of course, you find a way to overcome the geo-restrictions.

What are geo-restrictions?

Geo-restrictions are a way of networks restricting content to a particular country as we saw on our guide “How to access Sky One abroad?”. In fact, one of the most common reasons why content of a specific country is blocked is due to licensing rights.

Licensing rights mean that content can only be watched within that country. Consequently, the only way you can get around the blocks is to find out how to stream Channel 4 outside the UK.  Even if you live in the United Kingdom, once you travel abroad, you still can’t access the content and are met with a block.

It’s all down to IP addresses

The geo-restrictions are imposed based on your current IP address. Therefore, while you are located in the UK your IP address falls within the range in that country. Venture abroad and your IP address changes to one from a range within the country you are currently located.

Sites know your IP when you try to log into the streaming portal and if it is not within the UK range, you cannot get access. That is, unless you can find out how to watch Channel 4 abroad through alternative means. This is possible if you change your IP address and you can do this with a VPN. ExpressVPN is one such provider.

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How ExpressVPN help?

Why ExpressVPN

So, how does ExpressVPN help? A Virtual Private Network offers much more than overcoming restrictions, however, it does do this particularly well. It allows you to by-pass restrictions that have been set in place by networks, as it allows you to change your IP address.

In fact, you can take on the IP address of any country, regardless of where you are based. This, in fact, is the key to the question of, how can I unblock and access Channel 4 abroad?

Therefore the answer is, if you change your IP address to one that falls in the range of addresses in the UK the streaming site thinks you are located in the United Kingdom and allows you to stream Channel 4 through My4.

How to change IP address?

We will now take you through a step-by-step guide to show you how to change your IP address and make streaming websites believe you are located in the United Kingdom.

Choose your plan

The first step is to venture over to the website of ExpressVPN and look at the plans offered. You can make savings of 49% if you subscribe to a yearly plan and get 15 months for the price of 12 months.

To continue with our guide showing you how to access Channel 4 outside of the UK sign up for a plan.

Choose the software

Once you are signed up you can head to the download page and download software for your device. Note, you can install software on multiple devices and as ExpressVPN allows more than one connection at a time, other family members can take advantage of the VPN.

Download the software and go ahead and install it on your device. Next, click the icon to open the software and you will see the dashboard.

Choose a server

The dashboard is the main interface that you will use and it is the most important in understanding how to unblock and access Channel 4 abroad.  To take on an IP address from the United Kingdom you simply choose a server based in the UK. Once connected to that server your IP address is swapped with one from the United Kingdom. Now it looks like you are located in the UK.

How to watch Channel 4 abroad

Head over to the streaming portal, choose your program and stream without restrictions.

How can I stream Channel 4 outside of the United Kingdom

You can now take on any IP address from any country around the world supported by ExpressVPN and the list is huge. This provides the answer to how to watch Channel 4 outside of the UK, or any other content.

The provider has thousands of servers in many different countries around the world. All servers are blazing fast so you don’t have to worry about streaming content in HD. The provider also offers unlimited bandwidth so you won’t come across stuttering or content freezing while watching.

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The same steps apply to any restricted content in any country, even though in this example we have shown you how to stream Channel 4 abroad. You can also count in ExpressVPN to watch SYFY, ESPN, FOX and many more.

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