How can I unblock and access SYFY abroad with a VPN?

SYFY is a US TV channel specialising in offering everything related to horror and supernatural happenings. It is has many followers on cable and satellite TV but in some regions it is blocked as not all carriers offer it. If this is the reason that brought you here, you will be asking the question, how can I unblock and access SYFY abroad?

Is it possible to avoid restrictions?

So the question here is, “is it possible to avoid restrictions and watch your favourite programs abroad?” The answer is yes it is but you are going to need a bit of help in order to be able to do so. First, it might help to understand restrictions.

Mainly it is down to licensing in certain countries. Content offered by certain networks is restricted outside of certain regions. So the answer to how can I stream SYFY abroad is all down to faking the country you are located in. This is the only way to get around those restrictions and watch what you want where you want.

How networks restrict content?

Networks restrict content based on IP addresses. You might not have heard about IPs before. Nor know what they are or do. In easy to understand terms each computer has a unique address with no two being the same in the world. When thinking about how to stream SYFY outside of its region you also need to consider that each country has a range of IP addresses.

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If you can take on an IP address from one of the countries where the network shows content, you have the freedom to watch, regardless of where you are actually located.

If not you come across the wording “content is not available in your country”. It is as simple as that.

Once you have learned the answer to the question, how can I unblock and access SYFY abroad you can overcome the block.

How to stream SYFY abroad

Get a new IP with ExpressVPN

So you need to make the website or network believe that you are located in one of the countries in which they show content. To do this, you have to replace your current IP address with another one. This is not possible on your own, but ExpressVPN offers the software you need to replace your IP.

With a new IP, you have the answer to how can I unblock and access SYFY abroad? This brings about another question, how does ExpressVPN give me a new IP address?

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Your new IP address will come from one of the servers offered by ExpressVPN. They offer hundreds of super-fast servers based in numerous countries. This makes them an excellent choice for getting past restricted content. When you take on a server offered by the provider, it replaces your current IP address.

It also works with other countries, of course. If you want to unblock Sky One outside of the UK, you just have to choose a UK based server. It is as simple as this.

This means no one can see your true location. Therefore, the answer to how to stream SYFY abroad is by having anyone who is looking believe you are located in a country streaming is allowed. Check below to find how to do that.

Follow our guide

Now let’s move on to the steps needed to change your IP address to remove the restrictions.

  1. First check out the plans offered and go ahead and sign up with ExpressVPN;
  2. Download software for the appropriate device you want to know how to watch SYFY on;
  3. Install the software;
  4. Open up the software by clicking on the icon left by the installation;
  5. Choose a server to gain an IP address in that country.

That is all there is to it. ExpressVPN replaces your IP address with that of the one from the server you chose to connect to. Essentially, you are now living in that country, but could in fact be located anywhere in the world.

You have found the answer to how can I unblock and access SFY abroad. In the future, when you are out of the country, you just have to open the software, choose a server and connect.

How to stream SYFY abroad

The best choice – ExpressVPN

There are many VPN providers out there but in our eyes, ExpressVPN is the best. For instance, they offer you the chance to save up to 49% by taking out a yearly subscription compared to paying each month. On top of that you get 3 months free for your 1 year subscription ! This is how to unblock SYFY abroad the most affordable way, along with gaining all the other benefits of a VPN.

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When signing up with them, you have access to more than 3,000 servers around the world located in numerous regions. All of these servers are optimised to offer super-fast connection, which is a must-have when wanting to stream content in HD without interruptions.

ExpressVPN offers a great deal and while it has what you need to understand how to access SYFY outside of the region, another huge benefit is peace of mind. You can try the software with a no risk guarantee for 30-days and if you decide you can manage without it, you can have your money back.

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