How Can I Watch US TV in Guatemala? Here’s What to Do!

If you travel to Guatemala or relocated to the country, you are going to miss your favorite TV shows from the states. Netflix is available in the country but with limited content. There is a way, however, to gain access to the whole catalog of US Netflix in this country. And this is by using a VPN. Along with Netflix, you will also be able to access various other TV channels such as HBO, NBC, and Fox network. Here, we will answer the question of how can I watch US TV in Guatemala and give you a step-by-step guide to follow.

Why Are There Restrictions?


Before rushing in to answer the question of how can I watch US TV in Guatemala we will answer another question, why are there restrictions?

TV providers and networks restrict where certain content is shown. It all boils down to money. Networks can sell rights to providers outside of the USA to show their content and they get a lot of money from it.

They would not get this money if they simply allowed all US content to be shown around the world.

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Another reason some content is blocked from certain countries is down to censorship. Some content might be against the beliefs of certain countries. This may be content referring to drug use, sexual references, and profanity of gambling.

How Are Restrictions Placed?

Another question that requires answering is how restrictions are enforced.

Surely, if you have a paid US Netflix account, you can just visit the site to watch US TV in Guatemala. Well, it does not work that way as when you visit the site, it picks your IP address up.

If you are located in this country, you can only access the local site as your IP address will fall within the range for that specific country.

Yes, all countries have a specific set of IP addresses and this is how websites know where you are trying to access the internet from. This is what determines what you can see.

So, how can I watch US TV in Guatemala? Change your IP address to fool the site into thinking you are connecting to the internet from the United States. This is when a VPN aka Virtual Private Network comes in extremely handy.

How a VPN Allows You to Stream US TV in Guatemala?

A VPN provides a simple way of masking your own IP address and taking one from the USA. You have to sign up with a provider and take out a plan, but you do pay less than 3$ with some cheap but efficient VPN providers.

The outlay is well worth it as while a VPN provides you with the means to be able to stream US TV in Guatemala it provides you with many other benefits at the same time.

To get around the geo-restrictions in this case you would use the VPN to connect to one of the many US servers offered by the provider and take on a US IP address through that server.

How Can I Watch US TV in Guatemala? Follow This Guide

Want the answer to how can I watch US TV in Guatemala? Simply follow the guide below.

1.     Choose a provider

First, choose a provider. We highly recommend ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost. All providers offer a huge number of servers with many in the US.

2.     Pick your plan

Providers also offer different plans, some paid monthly, others paid up-front. In this context, you should know that the premium provider ExpressVPN offers a great deal with a 1-year plan with 3-months free on top and savings of 49% in comparison to paying monthly.

3.     Download apps to your devices

Choose, download, and install apps to the devices you want to watch US television on. Providers support many devices.


4.     Launch and connect

Launch the app on your device, sign in and a dashboard opens up. We chose ExpressVPN for this guide but other apps should work similarly.

ExpressVPN server choices

The answer to how can I watch US TV in Guatemala is a couple of clicks away. Choose a server from the United States and click on Connect, to connect to that specific server.

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That’s it! You now have a US IP address and can stream whatever you want wherever you want.

To Summarize

A VPN does provide the answer for you to be able to access US TV in Guatemala but a plan offers so much more.

For instance, you can bet online on your favorite bookmakers with a VPN wherever you are in the world. Even in countries where gambling is censored.

You have anonymity online whether at home or away. This is great if you torrent online and do not want your ISP knowing. Also, a plan offers protection when browsing the internet by encrypting your data and more.

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