How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Mexico? Use a VPN!

If you are a resident of Mexico or you are planning a vacation in the country, you might be wondering how to watch American (US) Netflix in Mexico. Sure, Mexico does have a local version of the streaming portal but it offers only a fraction of the content available in the United States.

Sadly, this means you are going to miss a huge range of premier content, including movies and TV shows.

Fear not, as there is a way to deal with the restrictions caused by locality and this is by taking a subscription with a VPN provider.

Why Are There Regional Versions?

Peacock TV Error Message

Error message you will get when trying to access Peacock TV outside the US

You might be interested in why there are local versions of the streaming website. Why not have just one site offering all the content to everyone?

This would be ideal but we do not live in an ideal world.

Restrictions are placed on the content. Movies and TV series made in the USA cost a great deal to make and the network or producer wants them to be shown in countries where they are more popular.

Some movies and shows are going to be watched more in the USA than outside countries so copyright restrictions apply.

But don’t worry. It is possible to watch American (US) Netflix in Mexico and take full advantage of the extensive catalog of content on offer with a Virtual Private Network.

How to do this? You simply have to change your IP address.

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How a VPN Helps You to Stream US Netflix?

So, what is this miracle that allows anyone anywhere in the world the chance to gain access to the extensive catalog?

A Virtual Private Network is taken by subscription and not only can it help you to overcome restrictions, but it also provides security and enables you to browse anonymously.

Restrictions on the full catalog of content are down to the IP address you use to connect to the internet. This is something that your ISP provides you with and the address is different on all devices.

Not only this but each country has its own range of IP addresses.

If you are located outside of the United States, you can only watch content on your local version of the streaming platform.

Change your IP address to one from the states and it looks as though you are located in that country. This way, you can access US-based content in a heartbeat.

This is easily done thanks to apps that the VPN provider gives you. In the next paragraph, we’ll see how they function.

How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Mexico Step-By-Step

There are just five simple steps to be able to overcome restrictions. These are:

  1. Decide which provider to go with.
  2. Decide which plan you want.
  3. Download and install VPN apps.
  4. Launch the app and choose a server.
  5. Sign in to the streaming platform and choose from the entire catalog.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide in detail below.

Choose a Provider

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The first step is to choose a VPN provider and ExpressVPN is one provider that we highly recommend for overcoming geo-restrictions and streaming content in HD. They provide access to 3,000+ optimized servers, with many in the US.

ExpressVPN servers

Unblocking the streaming platform can be notoriously difficult, so if you choose a server, try to connect to the streaming platform and you get a message that states “Proxy detected” or “Streaming error” it will be due to the server being blocked.

There is no need to worry, as ExpressVPN offers a wide range of servers in the states. And if you need help finding a server to unblock and access Netflix, they have superb customer service that will help you find the best one.

ExpressVPN live support

Choose a Plan

VPN providers offer different plans, paid monthly, or yearly. Often, the cheapest savings are made when paying for a yearly plan or more.

You might believe that you are not going to benefit from a yearly plan if you are going to use it to stream content while you are on vacation in Mexico. However, a VPN has numerous uses, many of which you can benefit from on a day-to-day basis.

ExpressVPN multiple uses

Therefore, you might consider the 12-month ExpressVPN plan, which gives you 49% savings if you compare it to paying for a monthly plan. Moreover, it provides you with a total of 15-months use.

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ExpressVPN is a premium provider, and while they may not be the cheapest on the market, they do offer a premium service which is the best we’ve tested.

Download Apps for Your Devices

You might be a fan of streaming when out and about using your mobile or tablet and be asking – is it possible to watch Netflix on any device?

It sure is. In fact, Virtual Private Network providers offer a huge range of apps for their users to download and install. So, go ahead, download, and install an app on any device you want to stream content.

Choose a US-Based Server

To bypass the geo-restrictions, open the app by clicking on it, and you should see a dashboard. This is where you can choose a server.

Connecting to a US-based server is as simple as clicking on the dropdown box. You can then press the button to connect to that server.

Unblocking Netflix US with ExpressVPN

Stream Any Content

You now know how to watch American (US) Netflix in Mexico and you can put this into practice by going to the site or use the app to stream all of the content available in the United States.

In addition, you have the security a VPN provides, plus many other benefits. Sounds good? Get ExpressVPN and enjoy all the beautiful benefits you get with a VPN!

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