How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Canada? Use a VPN!

If you are located in Canada, you are restricted to what content you can see on Netflix. In short, it means that you cannot access the full United States catalog. This may lead you to wonder how to watch US Netflix in Canada. Is this even possible? Well, in fact, it is possible, with the help of a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

So, if you want access to the whole catalog of content available, read on to find out how to do it.

Why Different Versions?

It is possible to watch your favorite content when you are in Canada but it is a regional version. This leads to the question of how to access American Netflix in Canada. You might also be wondering why there are different versions and it is all down to licensing and copyright laws. 

This is the same if you’re in Australia and want to watch US Netflix.

Some content from certain networks in the USA is only shown in the United States so different regions around the world get local versions of the streaming site, minus some content. The proper term is geo-restriction.

How Do They Know Where You’re Located?

It is relatively easy for streaming websites and apps to find out where you are located.

Each country has a set range of IP addresses. These IP addresses are given out by the server you connect to in your country.

When you visit the streaming portal or app, it knows your location so it serves you the local version of the website.

To get around this, you have to take on an alternative IP address and you can do this by connecting to one of the servers offered by a provider. This is the answer to how to watch US Netflix in Canada.

By changing your location, you’ll be able to access a way bigger catalog with way more movies and series. See below the differences between the countries :

Netflix libraries worldwide

How a VPN Overcomes Restrictions

A Virtual Private Network provides the necessary tools for you to be able to beat the location restrictions.

To take on an alternative IP address, you have to connect to a different server. When looking for the answer to how to stream US Netflix in Canada, you have to connect to a server based in the states.

When connected to a server based in the United States, you then have an IP address within the range for the country.

You can, of course, avoid the geo-restrictions as essentially, it looks like you are located in this country.

Change your location with ExpressVPN>

Steps Needed to Watch American Netflix in Canada

There are just five steps required for you to be able to watch the whole catalog of content on offer to the USA.

  1. Choose a provider;
  2. Pick a plan;
  3. Download and install apps;
  4. Launch and choose a server from America;
  5. Go to the website.

1. Choose a VPN provider


The first step is to find a provider and one that we recommend is ExpressVPN.

We highly recommend them as they offer access to many 3,000+ servers, including many in the United States. The provider also offers unlimited bandwidth along with no limitations on speed – something essential when streaming HD content.

2. Which plan?

Now, you have to choose a plan and there are two choices, paying month-by-month or yearly.

You can make some great savings of up to 49% when taking a 12-month plan and you get three months free, making a total of 15 months.

Save 49% with ExpressVPN

3. Download apps to your devices

To tutorial you have to download apps to the devices you want to stream on. There are apps for a wide range of devices, including Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.

The apps are how you are going to connect to an alternative server and take on an IP address in the United States while hiding your own. After downloading the apps go ahead and install them and then move onto the final step, which is to choose a server.

Watch US Netflix in Canada with ExpressVPN >

4. Choose a server

Finally, you can click on the icon for the app you installed and this will open up the main dashboard.

We have chosen ExpressVPN to use and if you have done the same, you should see a dashboard as in the screenshot below. (If you have chosen CyberGhost or NordVPN, you will see a slightly different dashboard but the principle is still the same).

ExpressVPN not connected

When the dashboard first opens, the app is not connected to a server and the red button indicates this.

To change this and unblock American Netflix you simply click on the icon to the right listed in the dropdown box and choose one from America. It can be in any state. You can choose the country you need according to which service you want to unblock.

Should you want to unblock Sky Go and access it outside of the UK, you’d have to select a server in the UK.

ExpressVPN connected

To connect, just click on the button and it will turn “green” with the word “Connected” displayed.

5. Enjoy!

Of course, you can use the same principle as above to stream any content from any website or app that might otherwise be blocked due to location.

Unblocking Netflix US with ExpressVPN

You can also use it to unblock content if you travel abroad and want to continue watching your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

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