How to Watch and Unblock Hotstar Live outside of India?

Hotstar is the largest premium streaming platform in India and for very good reason. If you are one of the many who use the service you have access to tens of thousands of hours of TV shows, movies and sports. However, there is a problem if you decide to travel outside of the country. Unfortuanately, content is locked to India, which means you will not be able to stream your favourite shows and sports. However, there is good news as we are going to provide you with a solution and guide to how to watch and unblock Hotstar live outside of India.

You can check out our guide below to learn how this is possible using a Virtual Private Network. At the same time we provide you with step by step details to set up the Virtual Private Network on your device.

Along with this, we help you choose the best VPN for your iPhone, Android device, Windows PC, Mac or any other device you want to use to stream Hotstar live outside of India.

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1. Hotstar is the largest premium streaming platform in India, but is unfortunately not available abroad, due to geo restrictions. If your IP address is not in India, the platform will be blocked.
2. Using a VPN, you will be able toget a new IP address, localized in India and change you localisation to unlock all the content you want.
3. But to do so : choose one of the best VPN provider. They will offer you the best streaming experience.

Why you need a VPN to unblock Hotstar

One of the first questions we are going to answer is why you need a VPN to unblock Hotstar outside of India.

The simple answer is all countries around the world have a certain range of IP addresses. When you visit a streaming portal or website, a check is made of your IP address. If it does not fall within the range for India, you cannot access content geo-restricted by licensing to that country.

The only way around the restrictions is to make the website believe you are still located in India even though you might be many thousands of miles away.

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The same would apply if you have relocated to another country from India permanently. This is where a Virtual Private Network comes in.

How does a VPN help you to stream Hotstar Live?

A Virtual Private Network is the answer to the question of how to watch Hotstar live abroad. It does so by making it seem as though you are located in India.

It can do this through apps you can download to devices you stream on. After taking out a subscription with a provider, you log in to your account and change your IP address by choosing a server based in India.

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Consequently, when you connect to a server based in that country, your own IP address is masked and you have an IP address from that country.

So now, let’s look at the steps required to learn how to stream Hotstar live outside of India. Obviously, you’ll need a VPN for India !

How to unblock Hotstar abroad with a VPN

You can follow this simple guide to get around the geo-restrictions. Of course, the same instructions apply to any website or streaming platform that you want to access.

1.     Pick a VPN provider and sign up

It goes without saying that you first have to choose a provider. We are going to use ExpressVPN as our example and there are many reasons why. However we have listed more good choices of providers later in this guide, so, choose a provider and sign up for a plan.


2.     Apps for connecting to a server

The next step in this tutorial to explain you how to watch and unblock Hotstar live abroad is to download apps to devices that you are going to be using to stream. All providers offer a wide choice of apps, also, there is no limit as to how many you can download.

3.     Launch your chosen app

Once downloaded and installed you need to launch the app on your device then sign in. Use the user name and password made at the time of signing up.

4.     Choose a server in India

The final step is to choose a server. Of course, you need to choose one in India. So, choose the server and click on connect and you mask your IP address and take one on from that country.

ExpressVPN in India

5.     Stream away

You should now be able to access Hotstar and stream any of the channels available freely in any country around the world.

Now that you have learned how to unblock Hotstar outside of India using a Virtual Private Network we will suggest some of the top providers you might want to consider.

Top VPNs to stream Hotstar Live outside of India

We have chosen the following providers due to the fact they all offer a service allowing you to swap your IP address to overcome geo-restrictions. Along with this, all providers also offer a superb level of service with plenty of features and benefits for the subscription.

1.     ExpressVPN – fast servers perfect for streaming

how to watch Hotstar outside of India

ExpressVPN is one of the 5 best VPNs for Kodi along with a range of other devices, making them a perfect choice for streaming on the go or at the computer.

The provider offers servers in India, along with many thousands more spread out over the rest of the world. ExpressVPN has what it takes so you to stream Star Cricket live, the English Premier League and a range of other sports in HD wherever you are located in the world.

Unblock Hotstar to stream Star cricket live with ExpressVPN

Servers are blazing fast so there is no worry about throttling and buffering so you will not miss a thing.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable provider for watching Hotstar abroad, ExpressVPN is a superb choice.

  • Speed
  • Lots of servers
  • Client support always available
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Based in BVI
  • Kill Switch
  • No logs policy
  • Not the cheapest solution
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2.     NordVPN – Double VPN servers for double protection

watch Hotstar live abroad with NordVPN

NordVPN is another great choice of provider if you are wondering how to watch and unblock Hotstar live outside of India using a Virtual Private Network.

The provider offers a huge range of servers around the world including many in India capable of unblocking streaming portals and websites.

NordVPN offers a range of apps for streaming on with ease along with Kill Switch and DNS leak protection. The provider gives users top-notch security measures along with anonymity and double VPN.

  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Large server network
  • Company based in Panama
  • Double VPN option
  • Strong privacy features
  • Good prices
  • Variable speeds
  • No PayPal option for payment

Unblock the web with NordVPN, including Hotstar abroad

3.     CyberGhost – Wide global server coverage

Stream Hotstar live abroad with CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers a wide range of servers located in Mumbai, all suitable for streaming, along with thousands more spread all over the world.

Plans from CyberGhost come packed with features. These include a wide range of devices are supported, 256-AES encryption, the ability to unblock streaming websites and a security suite. The security suite provides protection when online blocking ads, malicious website content and online tracking.

If you want to know how to stream Hotstar live outside of India, sign up with CyberGhost and connect to a server in the country.

  • 6000+ servers
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer…
  • Servers optimized for streaming and P2P
  • Prices
  • Average speeds sometimes
  • Easy to get lost on its app

Stream Hotstar in HD outside of India using fast CyberGhost servers

4.     Surfshark – Affordable plans, superb service

how to stream Hotstar outside of India with Surfshark

Surfshark offers some of the most affordable plans, along with superb service. The provider has servers based in India along with hundreds more in locations around the world.

The provider does not limit bandwidth so streaming in HD is a pleasure when using the servers from Surfshark. Whether you want to stream cricket live, watch classic Bollywood movies or access HBO content.

Of course, Surfshark offers all the protection you need to stream and browse the internet safely, including military-grade encryption. Plans include use on unlimited devices, a suite of apps to block ads and malicious websites, Kill Switch, DNS and leak protection and more.

  • Very cheap plans
  • Support available through online chat
  • Unblocks Netflix and other streaming platforms
  • Simple to use application
  • Trial only for mobile apps and Mac
  • Kill Switch problems

Affordable plans, fast servers, get Surfshark now

5.     IPVanish – Good all-round plans

IPVanish Review

IPVanish is another good choice when wondering how to watch and unblock Hotstar outside of India. The provider offers servers in New Delhi along with thousands more in locations around the world.

With IPVanish, you can easily hide your IP address and take one on from a server in India on a wide range of supported devices.

The provider manages servers internally. Of course, this is superb for anyone who takes anonymity seriously, as it does away with the middleman.

All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching and 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Speeds are correct
  • No logging
  • Split-tunneling
  • Company based in the USA
  • Prices

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To Summarise

Whether you simply want to use a Virtual Private Network as a solution to how to stream Hotstar live abroad. Or take advantage of the many other uses of a plan, you can with any of the providers above.

Bear in mind you can also use a VPN to watch FuboTV outside of the US along with overcoming geo-restrictions on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many more websites and streaming platforms.

Of course, watching and unblocking Hotstar outside of India is not the only use of a VPN. A Virtual Private Network ensures your personal information remains safe and away from hackers. It helps you to remain anonymous when browsing the internet. A plan also allows you to Torrent without your ISP finding out and much more.

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