How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Thailand? Use a VPN!

If you are taking a vacation in Thailand or you reside in the country, you are limited to what you can see on Netflix. You can gain access to this popular streaming website but there are limits on the content shown. To put it simply, you cannot access the entire catalog of the United States, which is the biggest in the world. So, how to watch American (US) Netflix in Thailand? Well, that is what we are going to answer and you can do it using a VPN.

What is a VPN? How Does It Work?

How to watch USA Netflix in Thailand

If you have never heard of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your next question might be – what is a VPN? It is a service that you can subscribe to, that offers many uses, with one of them being to overcome restrictions and gain access to content that would otherwise be blocked.

Your account with the streaming platform essentially allows you to gain access to any gateway around the world. However, every time you go to the streaming website, it picks up your device’s IP address and this is what determines what content you get to see.

Countries around the world have certain ranges of IP addresses and only those located in the USA can access Netflix’s full library of content.

This is due to licensing issues in the United States, with some content only licensed for showing in the states. Get around this issue and you have the answer to “is it possible to watch American Netflix in Thailand?”

Do this and you can choose from the whole library. This is where a VPN comes in.

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With a Virtual Private Network, you can connect to a server from the USA, which in turn, provides you with an alternate IP address and masks your own. When you visit the streaming portal, it looks as though you are located in America, so full access to the US version of the site is given.

How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Thailand?

Now let us move on to the steps needed to get an alternate IP address. It actually takes just five steps and they are:

  1. Decide which provider to sign up with
  2. Choose a subscription, monthly or yearly
  3. Pick apps and download them
  4. Install and launch the app
  5. Connect to a US server and enjoy the full content.

Now we will take you through the guide step-by-step and once finished you should be able to gain access to the full library of the content offered in America.

1. Choose your VPN provider

Watch Netflix with ExpressVPN

To get the ball rolling in this guide, the first step is to choose which VPN provider to go with for the service.

Not all providers have what it takes to be able to fool the streaming platform into thinking you are located in the states but one we recommend is ExpressVPN.

The provider has a long list of US servers with thousands more located around the world. This means not only is it the answer to how can I stream US Netflix in Thailand, but it is also the answer to streaming from anywhere in the world.

The servers of ExpressVPN are super-fast, something that is essential if you want to stream in HD. What’s more, the provider also allows you to undertake a speed test to find the fastest server possible.

ExpressVPN speed test

The provider has some of the fastest servers around so you will hardly notice a difference in it slowing down your internet connection.

2. Find the perfect plan

Express VPN offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of everyone, including pay monthly and yearly.

The biggest savings come with the yearly plan. You pay for 12-months upfront and ExpressVPN gives you another three months free. By paying for the plan up front, you make savings of 49% compared to if you had chosen to pay month by month.

ExpressVPN price plan

Bear in mind that a VPN is not only the answer to how to watch American (US) Netflix in Thailand but it also provides numerous other benefits.

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3. Download apps to devices

Install ExpressVPN on any device

ExpressVPN recognizes that people do not like to be tied down to using a computer or laptop to stream, so they offer a huge range of apps for many different devices.

So, head to the download page to look at what is on offer and download any apps for any devices you plan to use for streaming.

You can download as many apps as you want as there is no limit.

4. Install apps and launch them

You should follow the installation procedure for your device and install the app. This will only take a few minutes and you will be given prompts for guidance the entire time.

After going through the installation, find the ExpressVPN icon on your device and click on it to launch the app.

You have almost reached the end of this guide, so go on to the final step below.

5. Choose a server

The main dashboard is the part of the app where you get to choose a US server.

ExpressVPN in the USA

If you click where you can see the name of the server in the dropdown box, you will be provided with a list of servers.

Unblocking Netflix US with ExpressVPN

In this case, you want to find out how to watch American (US) Netflix in Thailand so go ahead and choose a US-based server.

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Finally, all you need to do is to click on the button at the top center of the dashboard and it turns green telling you a connection has been made.

You can now go ahead, open up Netflix, and have access to the entire catalog.

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