How can I watch US TV in Vietnam? Here’s what to do !

With its amazingly beautiful beaches, fabulous food, and rich history, Vietnam is one of the top destinations for tourists and people looking for the perfect destination for their holiday. However, despite how great the country is, one important thing it lacks is an access to US TV, which can be really annoying.

If you’re currently making plans to visit this glorious nation or you’re residing there currently, you definitely don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows. With that in mind, you may have to learn how to stream or access American Television from this beautiful nation. Now you’re probably wondering “how can I unblock and watch US TV in Vietnam”, so read our guide below.

Why is US TV banned in Vietnam?

Basically, American streaming services are usually blocked in Vietnam, and any other country in the world, due to geo-restrictions. Since most US TV channels buy the rights to watch their content in the United States only, they are not allowed to stream outside of the US. Due to these restrictions, they automatically block any user that tries to access or unblock their channel from another country.

So if you want to unblock and stream the CW abroad, AMC, ABC, CNN, HBO or any other channel,  you’ll need to bypass these geo-restriction blocks.

How do US channels know the locations of users?

Have you ever heard about an IP address? It’s actually like your address whenever you log on to the internet. Every country, including Vietnam, has a unique IP address, which means American stream providers only need your IP address. With your IP address, they can quickly discover from which country you’re trying to unblock and watch their content.

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How can I get around the restrictions?

One sure-fire way of getting around geo-restrictions is by using a VPN to conceal your location or how you’re seen. Essentially, what a VPN does is that it disguises your location and gives you an American IP address, which now displays instead of your Vietnam IP address. Subsequently, the US TV channels are misled into believing that you’re actually trying to watch from the US and grant you an access immediately.

ExpressVPN – the solution

ExpressVPN provides the best way to watch or stream US TV from Vietnam.

The VPN does a great job of giving you an access to your favorite American Television shows, regardless of where you’re located. Apart from helping to cloak your location while you watch your favorite US TV shows, ExpressVPN also provides exceptional data encryption. This helps to protect your data from prying eyes while you unblock different American streaming services.


Furthermore, this VPN service offers a lot in terms of speed when you watch online content, which is enabled by its over 3,000 servers across over 164 locations worldwide. There is also a built-in kill switch that ensures traffic doesn’t enter or leave your device when your connection is lost. This protects you when you’re using a public Wi-Fi in Vietnam to unblock, access, or stream your favorite US TV shows.

Apart from the remarkable features included, buying this service also comes with different attractive incentives, such as a 3-month free plan. “How can I activate the 3-month plan?” You only need to buy the 12-month plan. The service also offers a 49% discount on services. It is no wonder why it is first in our VPN ranking updated in 2020.

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Of course, when a VPN boasts as numerous perks and features as ExpressVPN, it’s expected of it to be expensive. While ExpressVPN charges a premium price, you have the option to claim a refund anytime within the 30-day refund policy if you’re unsatisfied.

With a service like ExpressVPN, learning how to unblock, access, and stream US TV from Vietnam is easy. Even though the competition is tough and quite exciting to watch, ExpressVPN knows exactly what to do to remain outstanding.

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