How Can I Watch US TV in Mexico? Here’s What to Do!

Mexico is a place packed with a lot of US citizens. While some travel there daily for business purposes, some visit the country regularly for relaxation. Regardless of your reason for visiting Mexico, you won’t be able to unblock, watch or stream US TV while you’re there. It’s very disappointing news as you won’t be able to watch ESPN from abroad, we know.

However, nothing is ever without an answer when it comes to technology. “How can I unblock, access, or stream US TV while in Mexico ?” is a question that is often asked by American ex-pats, so we’ve dedicated this article to teach you how to access or watch your favorite American television shows.

Unblock US TV Abroad - VPN infographic

Why is US TV blocked in Mexico?

While it’s true that US television is really blocked in Mexico, it’s important to note that US television is actually blocked everywhere outside of the United States.

The legal contracts most American streaming services have with broadcasting companies is often the cause.

The contracts usually state that they shall not allow people in other countries to access, stream, or watch their content. And of course, their failure to adhere to the agreement will definitely attract a lawsuit.

How can I unblock US TV in Mexico?

Since most American streaming services use your IP address to determine from which country you are trying to unblock, access, or watch their content, the sure-fire way to watch their channels is by making them think you’re in the United States.

“How can I make them think I’m in the United States?” It’s simple! You can fool them into believing you’re in the US by using a VPN. A VPN essentially gives you a new US IP address.

This subsequently unblocks your access to the US TV channels since they now think you’re trying to stream their content from the United States.

The best 3 VPNs to watch US TV in Mexico

If you’re currently wondering how to know the best VPN to unblock, stream or access US television in Mexico, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here, we present to you the 3 best VPNs available.

1. ExpressVPN


With its military-grade encryption standards, encompassing international network, and super-fast speeds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any VPN that’s better than ExpressVPN to unblock, access, and stream US TV.

This provider provides 3,000+ servers in 94 countries to choose from, including Mexico.

ExpressVPN unfailingly unblocks and helps you watch and stream varieties of geo-restricted streaming services. The streaming services include Hulu, HBO, ESPN, US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Apart from offering lightning-fast speeds to unblock, access, or watch US TV in Mexico, an extra perk you will get to enjoy is the 24/7 live chat support. No matter how urgent your need is, you’ll always find an agent to help you out.

Furthermore, the provider uses first-class security standards, including military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, it comes with DNS leak protection and a built-in Kill Switch.

With these, your information will always stay secure in the encrypted channel while you unblock, access, and stream US TV.

For maximum security, IP addresses aren’t recorded, and the provider stores only non-identifying metadata while you stream or watch US TV in Mexico. And regardless of the platform you are on, there is always a native client for you.

As stated in our ExpressVPN review, it provides compatible clients for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Blackberry.

ExpressVPN comes at a premium price, for sure. However, the incredible value it delivers will make you forget how much you paid in no time. Besides, the company offers excellent incentives like a 49% discount and 3 months free on every 12-month plan.

Moreover, the company has so much confidence in its VPN that it included a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee means that unsatisfied subscribers can change their minds and get a full refund within the first 30-days.

But that never happens, you know. With how ExpressVPN makes it effortless to unblock, stream or watch US TV in Mexico, you just won’t find any reason to be unsatisfied.

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2. CyberGhost

Cyberghost review

With a variety of great features, it is not surprising that over 10 million users around the world trust this VPN service. CyberGhost works on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

While it doesn’t offer the best interface out there, the stunning features on offer easily overshadow this disadvantage.

It has 6,300+ servers in 90 countries around the world, including Mexico. What’s more, this VPN provider supports P2P activities such as torrenting and constantly works to unblock, access, and watch Netflix, Hulu, Sky, BBC, and more US TV channels.

You can also access CyberGhost simultaneously on 7 devices, which is a huge plus if you have a large family.

The VPN’s application is capable of helping you to choose a server to unblock, stream, and watch specific US TV services like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. How can I do that?

You simply need to choose Unblock Streaming mode on the main screen and select your platform.

Security-wise, this VPN offers 256-bit encryption, a built-in Kill Switch, and DNS leak protection. These are excellent protocols, so you don’t need to worry on this front.

Besides, it comes with extra security features such as anti-tracking, anti-malware defense, and ad-blocker.

Since CyberGhost is registered in Romania, the law doesn’t require it to store or keep any user data or information. It improves this with a no-logging policy that prevents it from logging IP addresses and users’ data that indicates specific web activities in Mexico.

Unblock US TV in Mexico with CyberGhost

3. NordVPN

NordVPN security

Thanks to its zero-logs policy, Panama-based NordVPN has created a privacy-focused reputation. The provider operates 5,600+ servers spanning across 60  countries worldwide, with Mexico alone hosting dozens of them.

Due to this, it is incredibly effortless to connect to a server in Mexico and unblock, watch, or stream US TV.

Apart from offering standard security features such as a Kill Switch, 2048-bit encryption, and series of security protocols, this VPN provider also provides Double VPN. The Double VPN means the data of users is encrypted twice while they unblock, access, and stream US TV.

The service offers the complete anonymity of the Onion over VPN protocol, making it one of the VPNs for torrent downloads.

Another strong suit of this provider is its amazing customizability. Users are capable of selecting servers optimized specifically for some features which include double VPN, streaming HD video, and Tor over VPN.

The desktop client features a briefing on how to find the most ideal servers to utilize for specific tasks.

NordVPN also features a new feature called CyberSec to tackle phishing and malware threats while utilizing this VPN to unblock, access, or watch US TV in Mexico. Equipped with SmartPlay technology, the company claims to support more than 400 streaming services.

How can I install it on my device to stream? It’s quite straightforward. Just log on to their website and download a suitable app for your device.

And since the VPN offers multi-platform support, you can rest assured that you’ll find a compatible app for your device, no matter how advanced it is.

Watch US TV in Mexico with NordVPN

Final Thoughts

While US TV offers some of the most entertaining shows in the world, people in most countries apart from the United States can’t access or stream them. That’s not a cause to worry, of course.

With all the tips and recommendations we’ve given in this guide, we hope you now know how to unblock or stream any US TV channel whenever you’re in Mexico.


❌ Why is it impossible to watch American TV from Mexico?

Because of TV rights. American channels have the right to broadcast their programs only for people located in the United States. This is why, if you are in Mexico, you will need a VPN to watch American TV.

? Which American channels will I have access to if I use a VPN?

Absolutely all! With the help of ExpressVPN, we were able to enjoy HBO, CNN, FOX, The CW, ABC, AMC, and much more while being in Mexico.

? Can I use a free VPN?

No. Completely free VPNs are detected by American channels, which makes them difficult to use. Besides, they will impose a data consumption limit on you each month. Prefer a cheap VPN like CyberGhost if you don’t want to go broke.

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  1. I have tried to install express vpn since last night. I think it’s a fraud. It may be great but the instructions are incomprehensible! All I want to do is watch American college ball and I can’t get it installed on my TV or router or even iPhone.

    • Reply
      Florian: founder 30 November 2019 at 19 h 30 min


      Where did you install it from ? Are you sure you bought it on the official website ? ExpressVPN is definitely NOT a fraud and it PERFECTLY works to watch US Television in Mexico.

      Please, tell me more what is wrong with it. I’ve never heard anyone having an issue with it.



  2. hey FP: Great answer, but sorry the lady didn’t respond.

    It would be helpful if you posted a list of blocked in Mexico/TV USA to try out.


    • Reply
      Florian: founder 15 December 2019 at 5 h 18 min


      what do you mean exactly ? You’d like the list of all TV channels that you can’t access in Mexico without a VPN ? The answer to this is quite simple : almost all of them (geo-restrictions applies for all channels for legal reasons).

      With a VPN, you just connect to a US server and this will give you an IP address of that country. Then, just access any channel and you’ll unblock it.

      I hope this helps. If not, feel free to contact us on [email protected]



  3. I use express vpn and I have found that a lot of streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and even Disney+ will block me because they have noted that I am using a vpn and they request that I turn it off.
    So even with a vpn I am unable to stream any American TV. The only thing the vpn has allowed me to do is shop on lune and have items delivered to my PO Box in the US.

    • Reply
      Florian: founder 12 April 2020 at 17 h 10 min


      I’d like to correct you on that. It’s true that SOME SERVERS of ExpressVPN can be blocked for Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+, even for Netflix, if you pick the wrong ones.

      Yet, IF you choose the correct server, ExpressVPN does manage to unblock all these streaming platforms.

      I strongly recommend you to contact the client support (available 24/7/365 via online chat) to get the list of servers that DO work to unblock the specific streaming plateform that you want to watch.

      Hope that help,



  4. Please tell me if I subscribe to ExpressVPN, can I get US stations in Mexico and the Netherlands on my IPAD?

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