How Can I Watch US TV in Brazil? Here’s What You Have to Do!

The US produces some of the finest and most interesting shows in the world. Almost everyone is a fan of US television. The natives get to enjoy every show easily, but the real question is how to watch US TV outside the US, especially in countries like Brazil. Below, you’ll get a quick hack on how to watch US television in Brazil.

A Quick Guide on How to Watch US TV in Brazil

The easiest way to access the best US television shows is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It allows you to choose a server from where you can connect easily and securely. By acting as a “proxy,” it allows you to access the content originating from any place in the world where you aren’t present.

For instance, if you want to watch HBO abroad, you’ll need a US IP address, and this is what a VPN will help you with.

VPN allows you to enjoy online anonymity. It keeps you anonymous while you are accessing web applications and websites as well. It also provides you with an IP address, so you can use that address to extract the content from international or blocked websites that aren’t present or are restricted in your own country, which is great.

Watch US TV in Brazil with ExpressVPN

One more important reason to use a Virtual Private Network, apart from fast accessibility and getting access to restricted content, is that it also saves money. VPNs are relatively cheaper and cost just a few bucks a month, rather than service providers who may cost a fortune to make the content accessible.

It also gives you security and privacy because when your VPN search is on, no one will be able to access or hack you. It secures you by masking your real IP address and protects you from potential intruders.

You’ve understood, your VPN will not only let you unblock and watch US TV in Brazil, but it will also protect you.

Best VPNs to Use to Access US Television from Brazil

Here’s an overview of some VPN services that will help you access US television quite easily and securely while in Brazil.

The first one on our list is ExpressVPN, the most reliable, secure, and advanced Virtual Private Network service with multi-platform protection. It also provides mobile safety and secures your online presence, thanks to 3,000+ servers in 94 countries.

All your payments will be safe and your information will be confidential and secure with ExpressVPN.

Anonymous ExpressVPN

Good reputation and brilliant service led this unblocker to become one of the top VPNs right now.

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Another Virtual Private Network service you may use is NordVPN. It is also one of the best and top 5 VPNs. 4096-bit, CA-based encryption secures this VPN and you get access to 60 different locations, which can expand your reach.

It is known for running its DNS on every server as well. Of course, it will enable you to unblock and stream US TV in Brazil thanks to its more than 5,600 servers in the world.

NordVPN still works in China

There are a few other brilliant VPNs as well, but we recommend these two above any other provider. The reason being is because they’re superior in terms of unblocking sites, but also speeds, that are the fastest on the market.

Connecting to a Virtual Private Network is easy. All you need to do is to buy a VPN service and connect it with your internet. For that, you will have to choose the VPN interface and fill in the connection details. Then by opening the system menu, you can connect, and voila!

Enjoy US television in Brazil or anywhere you want.

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