How Can I Unblock and Access Channel 7 Abroad With a VPN?

Are you an Aussie living or traveling abroad? Or perhaps, just a fan of Australian TV shows? Unfortunately, popular channels such as 7Plus or Channel 7 are unavailable outside the country. On the upside, you can unblock and watch Channel 7 abroad with the help of a VPN. Read on—we’ll show you how.

Why You Can’t Watch Channel 7 Abroad?

If you are in the US, UK, France, Canada, or anywhere in the world, getting access to Australian television content such as Channel 7 can be quite difficult.

This is because the channel has broadcast licenses that limit the airing of popular shows such as Home and Away, Bride and Prejudice, My Kitchen Rules, and others to Aussie audiences.

These sites use your IP address to detect your location. As such, if you do not have an Australian IP, meaning you are outside the country, the site would be inaccessible to you. This happens even if you are in nearby locations, for example, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea.

Channel 7 blocked

The video stream will try to load endlessly if you don’t have an Australian IP

Fortunately, there is a way to hide your real IP address and acquire a virtual, temporary Australian one when you are outside the country. With this virtual IP, you’d be able to stream Aussie sports and popular TV shows on Channel 7 just like someone who’s in the country.

How to Get an Australian IP Address With a VPN?

To conceal your IP address and start watching Channel 7 abroad, all you need is a top-notch Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How this works is very simple—it hides your online traffic by passing it through remote private servers instead of your ISP’s public servers.

In addition to concealing your online activities, a VPN also masks your IP address and subsequently, assigns you a virtual one depending on your location of choice.

In this case, you want to acquire an Aussie IP. So, you would need to choose a provider with servers inside Australia. By connecting to the respective servers, you’d get an Australia-based IP address and stream Channel 7 just like someone who is inside the country.

Tips for Choosing the Best VPN for Australia

ExpressVPN Australia

That being said, not just any VPN is suitable for unblocking region-restricted content. A good one should not only have servers in the desired country – it should have a reputation for offering ultra-fast servers, too.

Fast servers combined with unlimited bandwidth ensure that you can enjoy buffering-free streaming of your favorite shows.

Other than that, something else you should look for is strong security features. A top-quality provider will offer military-grade encryption for complete online safety and anonymity.

Also, they will have other important settings such as a kill switch, protection against IP leaks, and will not store your data.

It is also worth noting that some VPNs claim to be free but, according to us, these do not live up to the hype. So-called free proxies have several problems. First, they lack the strong security features needed to completely mask your online traffic including your IP.

Secondly, these free services are not actually free—they make money by selling your data to advertisers and other agents. A VPN is supposed to protect against such security risks in the first place.

How to Unblock Channel 7 Outside Australia?

You do not have to be a geek to use a VPN to unblock the Seven Network. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to watch Australian TV from abroad in no time:

  1. Pick a VPN app provider with servers in Australia – ExpressVPN is our top choice.
  2. Install the app on your chosen device- e.g. iPhone, laptop, or WI-FI router.
  3. Launch the app using the given login details.
  4. Choose a server in Australia from the available list of servers and click Connect.
  5. Head over to the Channel 7 website and start streaming your favorite shows.
  6. If you still get an error message (or an infinite loading icon), clear your browser cookies and cache then try to access the website again.
Channel 7 unblocked

Proof of the proper functioning of our tip

There you go! Just a few easy steps and you’ll open up a world of endless Australian entertainment.

The Best VPNs for Channel 7

With so many of them in the market, what is the best VPN for unblocking the Seven Network from abroad? Having tested a couple of them, ExpressVPN comes on top, and for good reason.


For starters, this provider has several high-speed servers inside Australia. You will be able to enjoy favorite shows without buffering or lag. On top of this, it boasts unlimited bandwidth, which just adds to the amazing streaming experience.

What’s more, according to the opinion of a lot of users on Reddit, other than unblocking Channel 7, ExpressVPN is extremely efficient at unblocking Netflix Australia, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Additionally, ExpressVPN offers some of the best security features we’ve come across. These include AES-256 military encryption and strong protection against IP leaks.

It also comes with a kill switch that stops your internet connection when the VPN connection fluctuates.

Impressively, it comes with easy-to-use apps that are compatible with major platforms including Android, Windows, and Linux. The application can be used on iPad as well and works seamlessly with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Best of all, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single subscription—talk about value for money!

Right now, ExpressVPN is offering a 49% discount and 3 months free when you sign up for the yearly plan. That’s a total of 15 months of best-in-class VPN service.

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Are you still wondering how to unblock and access Channel 7 abroad? A reliable VPN is your best bet. If online privacy and security is a priority, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

Not only does it have plenty of super-fast servers inside Australia but it also offers great value for money. The best part is that you can try it completely risk-free, thanks to the generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

And if you want a cheaper option, you should go for CyberGhost. It is not as fast but still very good for this purpose.

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