Is Trust Zone Working in China Or Is It Currently Blocked?

It is well known that China has one of the strictest blocks on the internet that any country has, due to the Great Firewall. Many people really struggle to use their VPN in the country because of these blocks. In this regard, we looked into Trust Zone and tried to see if it was able to bypass the Great Firewall and work correctly in China.

It takes a very powerful VPN to not just break you out of this block, but also break out of the block that is put on VPNs in general. Is Trust Zone one of the very few? Answers below!

Does Trust Zone Work in China?

All in all, the ultimate answer to the question “does Trust Zone work in China?” is NO.

In China, a lot of VPNs are censored which means that you cannot use them in the country, as they have been detected by the firewall.

Unfortunately, Trust Zone is one of those which have been blocked.

While it is not a terrible VPN altogether, it will not work in China and you will end up with a lot of disappointment if you try to rely on it. For example, you won’t be able to use Facebook in China with this VPN due to the social media blocks by the Great Firewall.

Trust Zone is definitely not a VPN you want to use if you are in the country, and it is also ridden with several issues you should consider before purchase. The best options for China are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

What Are the Issues With Trust Zone?


There are many complaints that come up from its users, but this is to be expected as Trust Zone is quite a young VPN provider which still has a lot to learn.

Some of the issues which plague its users are:

Average Speeds

When you use a VPN, you inevitably lose some internet speed, however, these speed losses are extremely low with the bigger VPNs.

For a smaller VPN like Trust Zone, however, the speeds will be pretty average. This means that while the VPN would not make your internet go agonizingly slow, it would half the regular speeds at best.

While this is not bad, it is certainly not ideal either.

Not Enough Servers

For a VPN to work easily and without hitches, it is necessary that there are enough servers to go around, allowing for easy traffic without too many people laying burdens on the same server.

Trust Zone has only 201 servers spread over 30 countries. While this might not seem so bad, it is actually a very small distribution when compared to better VPNs like ExpressVPN (3,000+ servers in 94 countries).

Poor Help and Support Systems

Users of this VPN often complain about the customer support as Trust Zone is not the best in this area. If you face troubles in China, don’t hope for any assistance from their support.

There is lots of room for improvement with this VPN, but users have failed to see any attempts or interest to move in that direction.


It is a hard job finding the right VPN to use in China, as the Great Firewall is near impenetrable. While Trust Zone is an economic choice that might entice a user, it is not worth the money in China because it is not working there.

 It is best to invest in higher-rated apps and enjoy glitch-free browsing, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

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