Best VPN for Singapore: Here Are Our Top 3 Picks for 2024

Singapore is a popular holiday and business destination. However, it is not all glam and glitz when it comes to online privacy. This country has some of the harshest internet censorship and surveillance regimes in the world. If you are traveling there, you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure your internet connection. A VPN will also come in handy for Singaporeans abroad who want to access their favorite local shows. But, privacy apps are not all the same; we’ve picked out the very best ones for Singapore.

Best VPNs With Servers in Singapore

Traveling abroad as a Singaporean often means missing your favorite shows back at home. But, this does not have to be the case if you have a VPN with servers in Singapore.

Whether you want to catch up with the latest episode of Tiger Mum or Heart and Greed or watch Singaporean sports, a VPN can help.

Our top three providers with servers in the country are:

  1. ExpressVPN: This top provider boasts 3,000+ servers in 94 countries. Finding servers to connect to in Singapore will not be a problem. It also has incredibly fast speeds, allowing you to stream your favorite shows buffer-free.
  2. CyberGhost: CyberGhost has one of the largest server networks with more than 7,000 servers in over 90 countries. In addition to being super-fast, this provider also supports up to 7 devices simultaneously. This way, everyone in your family can safely stream Singaporean shows from their devices.
  3. NordVPN: NordVPN also has a wide server network consisting of 5,400 plus servers spread out in more than 59 countries, including Singapore. This provider offers rock-solid security and fast speeds, so you can stream safely and seamlessly.

Using a Virtual Private Network to stream local shows abroad is easy. Simply install the respective app, select and connect to a server in Singapore, then head over to your browser, and start streaming.

Next, we’ll look at how you can use a VPN if you are traveling to or reside in Singapore.

Why People in Singapore Use a VPN?

If online privacy and security are a concern, using a VPN when you connect to the internet in Singapore can give you peace of mind.

We’ll discuss the reasons why you need a good provider in this southeast Asian country.

Avoid government surveillance

Singapore presents itself as a free and progressive country. However, the government does not guarantee basic liberties such as the right to privacy and freedom from surveillance.

The country’s Cybersecurity laws permit the government to spy on people’s emails, calls, and online activities without a person’s consent. Skyping, Facetiming, emailing, or browsing without a VPN means that you are completely exposed to the prying eyes of the Singaporean government.

Unblock restricted websites

Westerners who visit the country will be surprised to find that many websites are blocked. Gambling and adult sites and content deemed critical of the government are inaccessible.

A trusty provider can help you get around these local restrictions. A good privacy app will also come in handy if you want to unblock US Netflix, ESPN, BBC iPlayer, and your favorite betting sites.

Torrent safely

In addition to strict censorship and surveillance, the government also reigns in hard on the downloading of the copyrighted material. The US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement forces authorities to crackdown on copyright infringement with the same tenacity as the US.

For this reason, you cannot afford to access torrenting sites without a Virtual Private Network that hides your peer-to-peer file-sharing activities. This way, you can stay under the radar of your ISP and avoid scary DMCA notices.

Even if you do not intend to download or share copyrighted material, you should still be careful with torrenting sites. Some of these sites are riddled with hackers who can easily spy on and steal your data.

A solid app safeguards you against unwanted entities and malicious files that may damage your devices.

The Best VPNs for People Living in Singapore

Virtual Private Networks are not all built the same. When it comes to privacy apps for people in Singapore, you should look for one with these specific qualities:

  • Fast speeds with a wide server network.
  • Standard security features, including a zero-logs policy.
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions.
  • Compatibility with major devices and platforms.

Our favorite providers are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. NordVPN

We’ll look at them in detail to find out what makes each a fantastic choice for those in the country.


ExpressVPN in Singapore

ExpressVPN is a great provider for people living in Singapore. For one, it has formidable security features such as military-grade encryption, DNS and IP leak protection, and a Kill Switch.

These encrypt your online traffic, making it invisible to any prying eyes. You can torrent, stream, and browse completely safely and anonymously.

Other features worth mentioning include a strict no-logs policy, TrustedServer technology, and Zero-Knowledge DNS. With these in place, you can rest assured that ExpressVPN will never store any of your data, making it inaccessible to ISPs and government authorities.

This provider also has wide server coverage and is the fastest we have tested. You will not have any trouble finding servers to connect to and unblock content in different parts of the world.

In fact, ExpressVPN is the best option to access any Netflix catalogs.

Additionally, it is compatible with iOS and Android and it can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Right now, you can enjoy a 49% discount and three months free when you subscribe to the yearly plan.

Finally, you should note that plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Can unblock Netflix US/UK.
  • Easy-to-use applications
  • Good overall security
  • Speeds
  • No-log policy
  • Pricing is a bit expensive

Visit ExpressVPN now >



CyberGhost is our second best VPN for Singapore and for good reasons.

This provider has one of the widest server networks with more than 7,000 of them, including Singapore. In addition to the fast servers, it offers unlimited bandwidth too. This is good news for streaming buffs looking to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Netflix, Hulu, Sky News, etc.

Want to unblock local websites, browse, and torrent safely? CyberGhost has you covered. It comes with the standard security perks such as military-grade encryption and a Kill Switch.

There is also DNS and IP leak protection and a zero-logs policy. These features work together to hide your traffic from ISPs, hackers, or government agencies.

Additionally, it is compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices, as well as Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV. Impressively, you can connect up to seven devices at the same time, so everyone in the family will be protected online.

If you are shopping on a budget, this provider is worth checking out. It is one of the cheapest solutions available on the market right now. Plus, you can enjoy all these perks risk-free with its generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Servers for streaming and P2P
  • 7,000 servers in 90 countries
  • Works on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more
  • Not working in China and Turkey
  • Parent company’s reputation (Kape Technologies, ex Crossrider)

Visit CyberGhost now >


NordVPN in Singapore

NordVPN is a trooper in every sense of the word. In addition to the standard elements, it packs on amazing security features including CyberSec and Double VPN.

Double VPN means that this provider protects your traffic behind two, instead of just one, servers. In a country rife with surveillance, an added layer of protection is definitely much welcomed.

Other than that, NordVPN boasts a huge network of servers in more than 59 countries. These high-speed servers are DNS-leak protected and have unlimited bandwidth.

Not only is finding an appropriate server easy. You will also be able to stream without contending with buffering.

This provider’s level of encryption and IP address hiding is strong enough. As such, you can escape the watchful eyes of ISPs and bypass geo-restrictions.

What’s more, you can connect as many as 6 devices simultaneously. Everyone in your squad can enjoy complete online privacy. It is also compatible with all major operating systems and devices including Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows too.

  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Double VPN and Tor Over VPN compatibility
  • Kill Switch function
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 160+ servers in Singapore
  • Speeds are sometimes disappointing
  • The 1-month plan is expensive

Visit NordVPN now >


A rock-solid Virtual Private Network can offer you great mileage in terms of online security and privacy. In a country that has no qualms spying on people’s internet activities, a VPN for Singapore is your best bet for avoiding this kind of surveillance.

Singaporeans traveling abroad could also use a good Virtual Private Network with servers in the country. This is a small investment to pay for unlocking all your favorite shows back at home.

If you want to be sure that your online safety and anonymity are in the right hands, we recommend ExpressVPN.

Their commitment to privacy and security is unmatched. Add to that the fact that they have numerous servers and a bunch in Singapore, unlimited bandwidth, and lightning-fast speeds, and you have a clear winner.

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