Best VPN for LG Smart TV – Top 3 Picks That REALLY Work!

LG makes some of the most sophisticated and quality smart TVs in the industry. Having a Smart TV will let you expand your possibilities and enjoy all the features that you have on your smartphone. However, know that you won’t be able to access all the channels and streaming platforms due to geo-restrictions. This is, by the way, one of the reasons why you need the best and most reliable VPN for LG Smart TV. If you don’t know which one to choose, we suggest staying with us.

Best VPNs for LG Smart TV (2024)

Unpacking your brand new TV feels so good and exciting that you want to try it out before even breathing! But lo and behold, make sure that you can use its full potential out of the box. A good LG TV VPN will allow you to do that, so let’s see what are the best providers for your new baby!

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Smart TV

ExpressVPN is the best Smart TV VPNs out there, due to how versatile it is. This provider, for the start, has amazing device support, which makes it a perfect candidate on our list. You can install it on your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, and of course – on an LG Smart TV.

Now, LG makes TVs that come with an Android operating system, which ExpressVPN is fully accustomed to. This means that you only need to visit Google Play, install it, and boom – enjoy everything it has to offer.

ExpressVPN packs 3,000+ servers in 94 countries around the globe, making it perfect for bypassing annoying geo-restrictions. Furthermore, it has the fastest speeds around, which is a hell of an achievement!

Streaming Netflix, HBO GO, Disney+, or Prime Video will be a breeze! Not only because ExpressVPN can unblock them but also because of stable connections that won’t let you down when the crucial moment of your favorite show comes.

For security, ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption that’s also used by the military and the government. To make things more secure, there’s a Kill Switch that works wonderfully! Not to mention its zero-logging policy with a PwC audit that screams privacy.

Lastly, the provider allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections. You can protect your LG Smart TV alongside other internet-capable devices at your home. If you’re hyped for your new LG TV VPN, know that this one offers a 49% discount and 3 months free for an annual plan.

In other words – yes, it’s bloody affordable – go get it!

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2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost LG TV

CyberGhost is a prime example of how a cheap provider can be good. Honestly, most of them are not worth your time, except for this Romanian giant with 7,000+ servers worldwide. Quantity isn’t as important as the quality, so how well does this provider perform?

Excellently! You can expect very fast speeds for streaming, with impeccable security and your well-deserved privacy. CyberGhost uses dedicated servers as well, where you can use servers for streaming and torrenting.

Streaming servers here are a blast, being capable of unblocking Netflix catalogs, DAZN, HBO GO, and even Hotstar. We like how simple the CyberGhost app is, making it great for LG Smart TV users. It supports all platforms, including routers, for protecting 16 to 32 devices in your home simultaneously.

CyberGhost is very secure, which will prove worthy for keeping your ISP or hackers off your back. It uses military-grade encryption to secure your connection, all while the kill switch makes sure that your IP or DNS never leaks.

The main reason why many users go for CyberGhost is the price. It’s incredibly cheap, especially in its 3-year plan, where it offers 2 months free and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

For this low price, you get 7 simultaneous connections on a single account and 24/7 support that you can contact at any time. Whether you need an LG C9 VPN or a VPN for all general purposes, CyberGhost will do you good.

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3. NordVPN

NordVPN security

NordVPN is a great pick for those who want premium-grade performance at a reasonable price. This VPN focuses primarily on privacy and security but doesn’t neglect other important factors. One of them is to provide support for LG Smart TV, that millions of people worldwide use.

This provider will let you access exclusive content on Disney+, unblock Netflix catalogs, or watch Hulu all day long. All of that is possible due to 5,600+ servers, unlimited bandwidth, and lightning-fast speeds that promise a buttery-smooth streaming experience.

NordVPN lets you use all the servers you want for streaming. With them, you can unblock streaming platforms and enjoy stable connections for your binge-watching sessions. We like the addition of obfuscated servers, which will give users from China more freedom online.

If you’re easily annoyed by ads, that’s great news. NordVPN has a CyberSec feature, which is essentially an ad-blocker. It will block ads and prevent trackers from snooping around you. Speaking of that, the provider will let you browse the web completely anonymously.

Being from Panama, it isn’t forced to store any logs, so it maintains a shiny zero-logging policy. Security-wise, there’s 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and IPv4/IPv6 leak protection.

Despite being affordable, NordVPN gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with it, get your money back in the first 30 days and move on – it’s that simple! But, with its 6 simultaneous connections and 24/7 support, that probably won’t happen.

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How to Install a VPN on an LG Smart TV?

Can you put a VPN on an LG TV? Sure.

Installing a Virtual Private Network on your Smart TV is simple if your TV uses an Android operating system. This means that it functions as your smartphone, allowing you to download apps from Google Play, visit social media sites, and use messaging apps.

Luckily, LG makes Smart TVs that come with Android out of the box, making this guide extremely easy. Here’s how to install this service on your LG TV:

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs from our list. We recommend ExpressVPN because it’s the best pick overall.
  2. Visit Google Play and download the provider’s app.
  3. Open the app, sign in with your credentials, and the home screen will open.
  4. Now, under the connection button, click on a country to open the server list.
  5. Connect to the server you want from the list, but make sure it’s close to you, to minimize speed losses (if it’s possible!)

With your connection established, you can now enjoy all the benefits that this service offers for your TV. And what are those benefits? Well, scroll down to find out!

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN on my LG TV?

Using VPN yields many benefits will be crucial for enjoying your Smart TV’s possibilities to the fullest. Here’s what this software can do for you:

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Sites like Netflix and Disney+ have special catalogs for the US, whereas, BBC iPlayer is a UK exclusive. If you’re not from any of these countries, accessing these platforms will be impossible.

The best VPN for LG Smart TV lets you change your online location, giving you access to all of your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is connect to the country where a particular platform is available, visit its site (or open the app), and enjoy streaming exclusive content.

Needless to say, you can use our guide above for any streaming service, and not just the ones we mentioned.

Avoid ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is something that will undoubtedly annoy you every time it happens. It’s when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) slows down your internet connection intentionally. This happens when you consume a large amount of data, which occurs when you stream or download big files.

Avoiding this problem is quite easy with the best VPN available. When you connect to another server, you get a new IP address, making your native one invisible to the ISP. Since it can’t see you, it can’t impose any limits, leaving you to browse the web or enjoy LG Smart TV streaming freely.

Protect Your Privacy Online

A tool like this is crucial for keeping things private. You don’t want your ISP or the government to know that you watch porn or download torrents? In that case, a VPN is the only means of protection. Even for Smart TV users, this benefit is crucial!

You can still visit free streaming sites on your TV, which will put you in trouble for streaming pirated content. With your IP hidden, no one will be able to know what you’re doing online, making it easy to slide right under your ISP’s radar.

Free VPNs for LG TV – Do They Work?

No, they don’t. Any kind of LG TV free VPN service is very restrictive in terms of bandwidth and speeds, which has a bad impact on your streaming experience. With slow speeds and just a few GB of data a month, binge-watching your favorite shows and movies will be an impossible task.

The worst fact about them is that they collect your personal data and browsing history, and sell this info to third parties. Obviously, they jeopardize your privacy this way, which is the opposite of what this service should provide.

Therefore, our recommendation is within the limits of our top 3 VPNs for LG Smart TV – ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN. Getting one of these is going to fix all the issues and set sails for safe, secure, and lightning-fast browsing and streaming.

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