Here’s Why You Should Use a VPN for Gears TV

Fans of brutal third-person shooter games will immediately recognize the word ‘Gears’. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s a well-known game franchise called Gears of War. There are several developers behind this franchise and none of them is behind Gears TV. However, this IPTV provider has the same logo as these games, making it immediately recognizable. Gears TV had some issues with the government in the past, which led to their shut-down. The service is now online and they require a VPN for access. Here’s why.

What is Gears TV?

Gears TV is a premium IPTV provider for streaming 1080p and 720p content. Although not the most popular, this provider has a small, yet loyal fanbase. At the moment, the provider has more than 400 channels, which is, in their words, only going to increase.

The content of this television is mainly Sports, giving you access to numerous sports channels and Live Television. You can stream live cable programs, as well as NBA, PPV, and NFL. All of this comes at a slightly lower price compared to other IPTV providers

Speaking of IPTV, in this article, you’ll find our selection of VPNs that are great to use for IPTV.

Gears TV Reloaded – Issues with the FBI

Gears TV Reloaded is an IPTV app for FireStick, boasting over 350 channels. The content is different from Gears TV and includes Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment, etc.

But in November 2024, this television was shut down by the FBI.

The FBI raided the owner of Gears TV, OMI IN A HELLCAT, taking away almost all of his assets. It’s also said that the owner will be sued for money laundering and piracy.

This can have a tremendous impact on its users.

Whenever a situation like this happens, the owner and his developers must cooperate with the government. Because of that, they can be pressured to share some of the user data, exposing some of the users to authorities.

Numerous subscribers can be charged for violating copyrights, as using IPTV is illegal in many countries. To prevent this from happening, we STRONGLY recommend using a VPN when watching Gears TV.

Why You Should Use a VPN for Gears TV?

When using a service like Gears TV or any other IPTV service, a Virtual Private Network like ExpressVPN is always needed. Here are our 3 reasons why you should use it.

1. For Protecting Your Privacy

The first and the main reason you should use a VPN for Gears TV is to protect your privacy. People often don’t value privacy enough, which is a cardinal mistake. We’re constantly being monitored not only by the government but also by our ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

When you don’t have any protection, your ISP can see what websites you visit, what videos your watching, what you’re googling, etc. If you stream content not permitted in your country, the ISP can tell the authorities and you can end in jail.

ExpressVPN tunnel

Gears TV is a form of IPTV and it’s not legal. Just imagine using it without a VPN. Even watching a simple MotoGP event can endanger your privacy! You can see this other trick to watch MotoGP for free on foreign channels safely.

If you’ve read the previous section, you know that Gears TV Reloaded is raided and shut down. This could also happen to Gears TV. Subscribers who use it without an appropriate VPN are seriously endangered.

Not only by their ISP but also by the government, as these two work hand-to-hand.

2. Avoid ISP Throttling

Bandwidth throttling

ISPs can do all kinds of dirty stuff to you, even if you’re a loyal subscriber. One of these things is slowing down your internet bandwidth, especially when you use IPTV services.

It may not be done while you’re watching YouTube or Netflix. But, if they see that you aren’t using their services, this is when it can occur.

This can seriously impact your streaming experience, making stuttering and freezing unbearable. Although ISPs claim to do this strictly to regulate traffic in a network, we think it’s a lie. An IPTV provider such as Gears TV can greatly benefit from high internet speeds.

Watching stuttery sports even is like listening to music with no volume – pointless. With a VPN, your ISP won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth or track your activities, which is a win-win situation.

3. Bypass Blocked ISP’s IPTV Services


In the UK, there’s a famous trend of blocking IPTV services during Premier League Matches. This trend is often found in many countries and is a regular practice of many ISPs.

IPTV providers are a primary target of many cable operators, and needless to say, Gears TV is one of them.

While some providers can circumvent this issue, it’s always better to use a VPN. With Virtual Private Network, you’ll be able to use any IPTV you want and enjoy your favorite shows or sports events.


To summarize, let’s say that a VPN is mandatory for Gears TV. They even stated it on their website. To have the best of the best by your side, we recommend you to use ExpressVPN.

But you can also use any of the VPNs we regularly mention on our website.

Anyway, without a proper provider, don’t even try to watch Gears TV channels if you don’t want to compromise your privacy!

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