How Can I Unblock and Watch UK TV Live in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a lot to offer, the Alps, skiing, and hot toddies in the chalet afterward. While the country does have a great deal to offer, one thing it doesn’t have is TV from the United Kingdom. If you are planning a visit to the country you will be wondering how can you unblock and watch UK TV live in Switzerland. So is it possible?

We are going to show you an easy way to overcome the dreaded blocks you see when you try to visit such as ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, and more. With the help of a VPN, you access any content from the United Kingdom that you want.

Why Streaming Services Place Restrictions?

How to watch ITV outside of UK

Streaming services place restrictions, as they do not want programs shown outside of the United Kingdom due to licensing. It is that simple.

To place restrictions, the service has to know which country you are located in and it does this through your IP address.

IP addresses are set between specific ranges for countries around the world. When you try to connect, the streaming service knows the country and either allows you to access the site or blocks it if outside of the United Kingdom.

So, when wondering how to stream your favorite channels, the answer is to change your IP address using a Virtual Private Network.

Watch British TV Live in Switzerland in 3 Steps

There are just three easy steps to overcome the geo-restrictions applied. They are:

  1. Choose a VPN provider and take out a plan. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download an app to your device
  3. Launch the app then choose a UK server and connect.

We will now show you step-by-step how easy it is to mask your IP address and take one on from the United Kingdom using the VPN.

For unblocking restricted content, we highly recommend ExpressVPN to bypass restrictions. However, NordVPN and CyberGhost are good alternatives.

So, the first step is to choose a provider then decide on a plan. With leading provider ExpressVPN, you can get a yearly plan, which is paid up-front with 49% savings when compared to paying monthly.

As an added incentive, the provider throws in three-months free so you have a 15-month plan in total.

Next, head over to the download section of the website and choose what apps you want. A huge range of devices is covered. This includes Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The VPN can be installed on a compatible router to cover any device that connects to the internet using the router.

Finally, launch the device then sign in using your credentials. Then using the dashboard click on the server name and choose a server from the United Kingdom.

ExpressVPN in the UK

Connect to the server and your own IP address is hidden from view and you have one from the United Kingdom, which means the provider allows you to access the site.

That is all you have to do to be able to access all your favorite British TV Channels when you’re in Switzerland. A VPN makes watching ITV from abroad extremely easy.

Top 3 Best VPN Providers for Streaming

Not all VPNs offer the same benefits, including the ability to be able to get around geo-restrictions. All providers below are reliable and offer many features and benefits.

1. ExpressVPN – Our Number One Choice


Our number one choice is the premium provider ExpressVPN. It claims to be the fastest out there and this is true, which makes it perfect for HD streaming abroad.

The provider has servers in the UK that remain under the radar and can overcome geo-restrictions. The servers are reliable and extremely fast. Not only can they beat restrictions in Switzerland, but also around the world, including China.

Military-grade encryption is included to help you remain anonymous and away from prying eyes. A range of protocols can be used, including one of the most secure, OpenVPN.

The provider even offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, which we have tested ourselves.

Stream in HD with ExpressVPN >

2. NordVPN

NordVPN security

NordVPN is also fast offering servers in the UK and 5,100 more around the world, all of which can beat restrictions and censorship.

The provider has a SmartPlay feature, so you can connect to a range of streaming services in one single click. This makes it perfect for streaming.

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3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost unblock sites

CyberGhost is another great choice if you want to stream UK TV channels from Switzerland. While it isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN, the speed is more than enough to watch your shows in HD.

The provider runs its own servers, offers UK servers, has military-grade encryption to keep you secure, specialized servers for streaming and P2P. Plus, CyberGhost supports a huge range of devices (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Router…).

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