You Can Watch the Entire La Liga Season on ITV Free

There is good news for fans of football who watch terrestrial TV as the La Liga season is going to continue airing on ITV for free. Previously, Eleven Sports had exclusive rights to the games but surrendered them in December 2018. ITV did have limited rights from February but now the fate of the 2024/2024 season is clear. Therefore, fans can enjoy the season starting with some of the most enticing matches.

A Breath of Free Air for La Liga Fans

Fans were worried that free to air La Liga was going to be short-lived. This was after no one bid for the rights to show the Spanish football this season. However, they can now cast fears aside and sigh with relief as every kick of the ball and tackle will continue airing free of charge courtesy of ITV.

ITV made the announcement the partnership is going to continue and the season starts with Barcelona heading to San Mames in the 2024/2024 campaign.

Watch the Entire Season for Free on ITV4

The season will air on Freeview TV on ITV4, with ITV showing weekly highlights.

Lionel Messi fans will be pleased to hear this news as it means they can watch their team playing at home when they come up against Real Betis on August 25.

Another fixture on the calendar this season is Real Madrid, when they travel to Villarreal on September 1.

The Troubled Past of La Liga

Spanish championship has had a troubled past. Eleven Sports covered the season last year when they signed for a three-year deal.

However, after struggling to find subscribers La Liga went for a new auction for rights to show games. Sky Sports covered many seasons before Eleven Sports, while Premier Sports pay to watch TV showed several games per week during last season.

Let’s hope that the future will remain a bit more secure with ITV and fans can enjoy games free well into the future.

Watch La Liga Free on ITV Overseas With a VPN

ITV is a free to air channel available for residents of the United Kingdom. However, there is a way for anyone anywhere in the world to tune in and watch. Of course, the channel is also available on ITV Player to enjoy on smartphones when on the go.

Anyone outside of the United Kingdom can enjoy every thrilling game of the La Liga season by using a VPN.

Watch the entire season on ITV with ExpressVPN >

What is a VPN?


A VPN aka Virtual Private Network provides numerous benefits to subscribers. One of the ways a plan is used is to gain access to content restricted to certain countries. However, this is by no means the only benefit. Other benefits include security and anonymity online, and watching the Champions League live!

You need to be located in the UK to watch ITV and the ITV Player app and website knows your location based on your IP address. Each country has a specific range of addresses.

To get around blocks you can change your IP address using a VPN to one from the United Kingdom. This makes it look as though you are located in the UK.

How to Watch La Liga Free Using a VPN

To watch every single game on ITV you can follow the steps below.

1.     Choose a VPN provider and sign up

First, choose a VPN provider. For overcoming geo-restrictions, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

The provider offers a one-year plan with savings of 49% in comparison to paying monthly for the plan. With 3 months offered, you get a total of 15 months. With a yearly plan, you can watch every single match on ITV or ITV Player.


2.     Download VPN apps

When you have signed up, go to the download page to choose and download apps onto the devices that you plan to use to stream ITV live. Go ahead and install them and then move onto the next step.

3.     Launch the VPN app

Next, launch the VPN app on your device and sign in. You should then see a dashboard. The dashboard of ExpressVPN is shown below.

ExpressVPN UK connected

4.     Choose a UK server

In the dashboard click on the server and a dropdown box will appear. This is where you choose your server. You want to stream La Liga, therefore, choose a server from the United Kingdom and click on connect.

Get a UK IP address with ExpressVPN to access ITV >

5.     Open the ITV website or ITV Player

Finally, go to the ITV website or open the ITV Player app on your device and sign in or add an account.

If you need to make an account do a bit of research and find a UK address and postcode using the internet located in the same region of the server you chose to connect. For example, it might be London, Kent, or Docklands.

Next, use Google to find a postcode in the region and use it when signing up.

You should now be able to stream La Liga on your device! As you’ve seen, we have chosen ExpressVPN as our choice of provider. However, you can also unblock benefit from live stream on ITV using CyberGhost, NordVPN, Surfshark, or IPVanish.

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