How to Watch American (US) Netflix in Argentina? Use a VPN!

Netflix arrived in Argentina in 2011 but while it did arrive, it did not offer the same catalog of the content offered in the United States. Another annoying feature of the local site is that any program in English comes with subtitles. Worse still, there does not seem to be a way to do away with them. Don’t worry though; we have come up with a guide to show you how to watch American Netflix in Argentina and it’s easy to follow.

Yes, by following this guide, it is possible to get access to the entire catalog of content and none of it comes with subtitles. So, how is this possible? Well, it’s possible due to something called a VPN aka Virtual Private Network.

You can follow the steps below to be able to access American Netflix in Argentina. At the end of the tutorial, we explain why restrictions are put into place and how they are placed, just in case you were wondering.

Now on the steps needed to gain access to the full catalog of content.

How Can I Watch American Netflix in Argentina?


The first step is to choose a VPN provider and a plan. For overcoming restricted content and streaming in HD, we recommend ExpressVPN.

There are many reasons we have chosen this provider with the main ones being:

  • They have a huge range of servers (3,000+) from which to choose, with many in the USA
  • Servers are extremely fast and are fully optimized
  • Servers are reliable
  • If you take a 12-month plan ExpressVPN, throw in three months totally free, giving you 15 months
  • You save 49% on a 12-month plan in comparison to paying monthly
  • ExpressVPN offers a 30-day no conditional money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix >

Download, Install, and Launch apps

Install ExpressVPN on any device

You can use this tutorial to learn how to watch American Netflix in Argentina on any device as ExpressVPN offers numerous apps for a wide range of devices.

This means that, while at home, you can enjoy the rich catalog of content on your Smart TV, stream through Xbox One or watch on your computer. If you are on mobile, you can stream on a smartphone or tablet.

Above are just a few of the devices ExpressVPN supports and there are many more.

Therefore, there are apps to suit all needs, whether you are a resident of the country or you are spending a couple of weeks there on vacation.

Download apps for any of the devices that you will be using to stream content on then go ahead and install them.

While the installation will vary on different devices, ExpressVPN offers plenty of information on how to install on specific devices. However, it is simple, as all you have to do is click on the file you downloaded then follow the prompts during the installation.

ExpressVPN installation

You are not limited to the number of apps you can install and ExpressVPN offers simultaneous connections, up to a maximum of five. This means that you only pay for one subscription but other family members can enjoy the plan at the same time.

So, not only is it possible to watch US Netflix in Argentina on any device, but it is also possible for other members of the same family to benefit from the plan too.

Once installed, find the icon on your device and click on it to bring up the dashboard.

Connecting to a Server

The trick to gain access to the American version of the streaming platform is to make the site or app think you are located in the states. This is possible by connecting to a US server.

ExpressVPN = US IP address = US Netflix>

To do this, you are presented with a dashboard when you open up the app.

This panel is where you can choose a server. So, pick one from within the United States and click on the connect button which should turn from red to green to notify you that you are connected.

ExpressVPN in the USA

You now have the answer to how to watch American Netflix in Argentina and can open up the website or app and choose from the entire catalog.

Unblocking Netflix US with ExpressVPN

Additional App Settings

The dashboard is just part of the app, albeit, the main part you will use there is also a “Settings” panel. This is where you can fine-tune the software to work how you want it to work.

There are general options, which include having the app connect to a server at startup, choosing a specific protocol to use, access your account, and features that are more advanced.

You do not need to worry about the settings as ExpressVPN will work adequately straight out of the box by simply connecting to a server. However, it is good to know they are there if you want to delve deeper into the app.

ExpressVPN options

Why and How Content is Restricted?


There is no single streaming platform for all countries offering the same catalog of content.

This is a result of copyright laws in the United States or any other country. Some networks and producers only want their prime content shown in certain regions and so they put geo-restrictions in place.

The geo-restrictions are enforced as each country has a range of IP addresses. If your device’s address does not match one from the US, you can only access the regional version of the streaming platform and limited content.

ExpressVPN overcomes geo-restrictions>

By connecting to a VPN server in the states, you are provided with an alternate IP address from that country and the streaming platform believes you are located in the USA.

As a result, you can access US-based content, including your favorite Netflix US catalog.

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