Is VyprVPN Working in China or Is It Currently Blocked?

The Great Firewall has made it such that trying to use the internet in China without a VPN is next to impossible, as many of the things we love on the internet are blocked. From all Google affiliated sites to our favorite social media apps, news sites, and even streaming sites like Netflix.

With all these under the block, it is no wonder that users clamor for VPNs such as VyprVPN to try to escape this censorship. However, not all VPNs work in China. Many end up being blocked. So, does VyprVPN work in that highly censored country? Let’s see.

Does VyprVPN Work in China?

Vyprvpn kill switch

The short answer to this question is YES, VyprVPN works in China to some extent, only if you have a premium account with them.

They use unique Chameleon technology to disguise the traffic so that the Great Firewall does not detect it as a VPN.

To use VyprVPN in China, you should have the app installed preferably before you are already in the country.

Then, after your sign-in process and payment for premium, you have to go find the protocols tab in the app settings and manually turn on the Chameleon protocol.

So, you can only use it in China if you have a premium account and manually turn on the Chameleon protocol.

While the Chameleon protocol is good and keeps VyprVPN working, it is still not the best as there are still several issues with VyprVPN that you would need to deal with.

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To save yourself stress, it is best to go for foolproof alternatives such as ExpressVPN.

What Are the Issues With VyprVPN?

VyprVPN China VPN

There are a few issues to note before you go ahead to buy VyprVPN, and while they are not deal-breakers for everyone, to some, this might be the major deciding factor on whether or not this is the VPN they choose.

You may feel free to read our VyprVPN review to learn more about the provider and everything else we may not touch here.

Won’t Work for iOS

VyprVPN would work great on Android, Windows, and Mac, but iOS has strict VPN restrictions that would not allow its users to access VyprVPN.

So if you use an iPhone, VyprVPN is not the VPN for you if you’re traveling to China.

Torrenting Problems

While not everyone uses torrent sites, those of us that do often find its blockage to be a deal-breaker.

VyprVPN says that you are free to torrent, but this is as long as you stay within copyright laws.

Many users have ended up having their accounts suspended or canceled without refunds due to infringement of copyright laws from torrenting.

When met with questions, their contact support team divulged that users are issued IP addresses that belong to them, and when an address is flagged for copyright infringement, the DCMA notice goes to them.

They then check to make sure it really happened, locate the account it happened from, and lock that account.

Obviously, this means that torrenting is not a wise decision with this VPN.

Netflix Won’t Always Work

VyprVPN is good enough but it does not always work to watch Netflix in China, though. Only two of their servers work with Netflix over the US and the United Kingdom so far, and while this is okay, it is not great.


VyprVPN works in China to some extent, but it is pretty average especially since you have to purchase the premium package to make it available in the country.

For the best internet experience in China, it is much better to just use a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

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