VPN for BitTorrent: 5 of the Fastest and Safest Providers

If you’re not living in a jungle or a cave, you’ve probably heard about Torrent websites. These websites connect millions of users around the world, where they share small bits of large files. This connection allows users to achieve fast download speeds when downloading movies, music, games, etc. Despite the government’s efforts to stand in way of BitTorrent, it’s still massively popular in every part of the world. We don’t encourage pirating but we care for your safety when you’re online. This is why we created a special list of 5 best VPNs for BitTorrent.

Benefits of Using a VPN for BitTorrent

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using a VPN for BitTorrent? Let’s take a little detour before moving on to the list.


When downloading torrents, security is what bothers most users. In today’s world, it’s easy to get information about users on the internet, especially on websites like these.

For that purpose, a VPN comes to the rescue. It allows you to visit any website you want, without compromising your data and personal information. This will help you slide under the hackers’ radar.


Staying anonymous while visiting torrent-based websites should be among the highest priorities. A Virtual Private Network lets you enjoy your anonymity, even when accessing web applications, not just websites.

File Sharing

When sharing a file for an extended period, chances are that the government can track you. If that happens, you’ll receive a copyright prosecution or lawsuit. Some countries are very harsh when it comes to these laws, so you can even end up in jail for a certain period!

To avoid this, invest in a good, reliable VPN.

Bypassing Location-Based Limits

You know that, for example, China, Great Britain, and Canada have strict laws that forbid torrent activity? Well, if you’re using a VPN, you can bypass these limits and enjoy downloading your favorite content.

Best VPNs BitTorrent: What Are the Options?

So, what are the best Virtual Private Networks for all of you torrent fanatics? The list is below, so you might wanna keep reading.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN best VPN for torrenting

When it comes to torrenting, there are two important factors – speed and security. ExpressVPN tackles both of these like Gattuso in his young days. Offering more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN is among the largest VPN providers on the planet.

The speeds are consistent across every server, which is an advantage for downloading large torrent files.

Security-wise, this provider offers strong encryption and a plethora of VPN protocols. They clearly state that they don’t keep connection or activity logs, so your browsing stays private all the time.

Should you encounter any problems, reliable 24/7 customer support is here to help you – via email or live chat.

Those who think that ExpressVPN is expensive should think again. They offer a whopping 49% discount and the first three months for free if you sign for a 12-month plan.

On top of that, you get your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with its VPN for BitTorrent, Transmission, uTorrent, and more.

If you want to enjoy neck-breaking download/upload speeds, ExpressVPN is a real champ. Also, you can find thousands of torrent files on these trackers. This should help you achieve higher speeds when using ExpressVPN.

  • Great customer support
  • Kill Switch function
  • User-friendly apps
  • No-logs provider
  • Works with Netflix
  • Large and secure server network
  • More expensive solution

Visit ExpressVPN now >

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost P2P

You can say what you want about CyberGhost but one is undeniable – it’s excellent for torrenting. Whether you use BitTorrent or uTorrent, this Virtual Private Network will blow you away.

For the start, it automatically connects to a P2P server. It establishes the required settings, speeding up and protecting your privacy.

CyberGhost also opens your preferred torrent program when you’re connected. With the ‘Torrent Anonymously’ button, you’ll have zero doubts that your privacy is protected. We also like that the provider supports Bitcoin if it’s your way of buying or selling stuff.

Those who torrent from their phones will like that CyberGhost has its app for both iOS and Android. Although it could be a bit better optimized, we’re happy to at least have it. The company promised to improve the optimization in the following years.

CyberGhost offers 7,000+ servers across 90+ countries, granting high speeds and unlimited bandwidth – it’s the ‘meat and potatoes’ of torrenting.

  • Good leak protection
  • Prices
  • Huge server network
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Live chat support
  • P2P servers
  • Expensive short-term plans
  • Not the best speeds

Visit CyberGhost now >

3. NordVPN

NordVPN torrenting support

If you’re mainly concerned about security and privacy, NordVPN is the best choice for you. It isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN but security-wise, it can blow away almost every VPN on the list.

It comes with an ultra-secure connection and support for L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, NordLynx, and IKEv2/IPsec protocols.

Security nerds will like the ‘Double VPN’ feature of NordVPN. This means that your data passes through two separate VPN servers, granting security you could’ve only dreamt of. For extra privacy, Onion Over VPN is supported. One thing that’s not supported on all servers is P2P.

To counter that, the provider offers an automatic kill-switch, extensive server coverage (5,600+), and consistent download speeds. NordVPN is also known as one of the best Virtual Private Networks in the UK.

And if you’re from there, you know that in the UK, it’s better not to download without a VPN. All in all, this is a great VPN to use with BitTorrent while performing P2P activities.

  • Strong privacy features
  • Servers optimized for P2P
  • Verified no-logs provider
  • 5,600+ servers
  • Easy-to-use application
  • A hacking incident in 2018
  • “Only” 59 countries covered

Visit NordVPN now >

4. Surfshark

Surfshark torrent

Surfshark is a Virtual Private Network that’s very popular for torrenting. Aside from promising to eat other VPN deals alive, does it bring decent performance? The short answer is ‘Yes’ and the long answer is ‘Yeeees’. Jokes aside, let’s see what this VPN provider has to offer.

For the start, it offers 1,700+ servers worldwide in 63 countries. The great thing is that P2P traffic is supported on every server, unlike NordVPN that doesn’t do this. In their privacy policy, SurfShark states that no data is collected.

This data includes IP address, session information, connection time stamps, browsing history, and so forth.

Contributing to the strong security, OpenVPN support, Kill-Switch, and AES-256 encryption deliver stunning performance. It even comes with a built-in ad blocker, malware protection, and split tunneling.

The highlight of Surfshark is the fact that you can benefit from unlimited simultaneous connections.

This allows you to use it on every eligible device in your house. There’s decent 24/7 live chat support for answering your questions and doubts, in case you have some.

Finally, SurfSsark offers you a 30-day refund period if you’re not satisfied, and as such, it’s one of the best VPNs for BitTorrent.

  • Cheap solution
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • P2P authorized
  • 24/7 support
  • Small server network
  • Speeds aren’t consistent

Visit Surfshark now >

5. IPVanish

Torrents IPVanish

IPVanish is yet another torrent-oriented VPN that welcomes newcomers and old users. The company can pride itself on having a rich history of success. With hundreds of servers worldwide in 75+ countries, IPVanish offers decent performance and stable connections.

The Virtual Private Network comes with a zero-log privacy policy. This means that your search history, IP address, and other data will not be kept on IPVanish’s servers. As the provider offers a plethora of options and settings, the interface is a bit unintuitive, especially for the newcomers

It has a steep learning curve and will take you some time to grasp all the features. Also, customer support, as reported by users, isn’t the best on the market. But, if you want a top-notch VPN strictly for BitTorrent, IPVanish will scratch that itch.

  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Good speeds overall
  • Strong encryption
  • US company
  • Not the most intuitive apps

Visit IPVanish now >


Now that you’ve stayed with us throughout the whole article, you know what to do before you start torrenting again. These VPNs are the best the internet can offer, both in terms of privacy and download speeds. Make sure to choose a good VPN for torrenting, especially if your country has strict laws about this.

You don’t want to be caught torrenting. It’s better to pay a few bucks a month than a penalty for pirating content. Trust us on that 😉

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