How Can I Watch US TV in Switzerland? Here’s What to Do!

Switzerland is an amazingly popular destination for all kinds of people, owing to the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps and its position as a technological and economic hub in Europe. However, visitors to Switzerland will wonder one thing: “How can I Watch US TV in Switzerland?”

As you may already know, Television shows from American companies are generally blocked outside the US. Only people living in the United States are allowed to access them. However, many people outside of the country also enjoy watching them.

The best way to unblock US TV and stream these shows in Switzerland is to use a VPN, as we mentioned in our guide for unblocking and watching Netflix.

What is a VPN? How Does It Help Me Access US TV in Switzerland?

ExpressVPN works in China

In order to geographically restrict your access, a website must first know your location. Websites can find this location by checking your IP address. The IP address is an address that is assigned to your device whenever you connect to the internet.

A VPN helps you by hiding your real IP address and showing the website a different one.

When you use a VPN, the IP address the website sees is changed to the IP address of a server owned by your VPN provider. You can select what country that server is in.

So, in order to unblock American Television, you would launch the VPN program and select “United States” when choosing a server. This will change your visible IP address to one inside the US, letting you Access and Watch US TV.

What Are Some Good VPNs? How Can I Pick the Best One?

You may be wondering how to pick the best VPN for your purposes. It’s a natural question since there are a lot of providers on the market nowadays. We will help you decide how to pick the best VPN for unblocking US Television from Switzerland.

There are a few criteria a VPN can be ranked on. The speed of the connection is obviously very important, as it determines the quality of your video stream. Factors such as security and privacy are less important, but still need to be considered, as you may be logging onto accounts on various American TV websites.

ExpressVPN: Our Recommended Choice

ExpressVPN in Switzerland

ExpressVPN provides the best in both security and speed. With 3,000 servers worldwide, including the US, it is the best VPN currently available for personal use.

Despite the high price, which is offset by a 49% discount and 3-months-free with a 12-month subscription, we recommend ExpressVPN for unblocking and Streaming US TV.

Other VPNs can save you some money, at the cost of video quality. CyberGhost and NordVPN offer good connection speeds with a balanced cost, and have thousands of servers worldwide, giving you a great range of options for the price.

Going further down, Surfshark is our preferred budget VPN. Surfshark’s pricing can go as low as $2 a month, and while the connection speed won’t be amazing it is more than sufficient for the purpose of watching US TV from Switzerland.

There are other free-to-use VPNs, such as Windscribe. However, with a free VPN, you pay the cost in streaming quality instead, as the connection speed will be slow and unreliable.

If you simply want to try out a VPN, we still recommend ExpressVPN. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached, so you won’t lose any money if you’re not satisfied with the performance.

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Closing Thoughts

There are many ways of Streaming American Television from any country, including Switzerland. Now that you know how VPNs work, you can unblock and uccess US Television and watch your favorite TV shows whenever you like!

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