How can I watch US TV in New Zealand ? Here’s what to do!

From the latest news about Beyonce to the daily happenings in the White House, there’re many reasons why everyone loves to watch US TV. But while US TV offers some of the most interesting stories and entertainment around the world, some countries like New Zealand can’t access most American streaming services.

Obviously, this is usually due to some geo-restrictions, which means Americans travelers in New Zealand may not be able to stay up-to-date with some of their favorite American celebrities and political figures. That’s not a cause for alarm though because we’ve designed this article to teach you how to unblock, access, and stream US TV from New Zealand.

Why are people in New Zealand banned from watching US TV?

While almost everything has seen some changes in recent years, how television programming distribution contracts remain in the stone age is quite appalling, unfortunately. Disregarding the internet’s global nature, the majority of distribution contracts place severe restrictions on the countries in which the content can be viewed.

With such restrictions, streaming providers block users trying to unblock US TV from New Zealand, or anywhere else for that matter. As long as you’re attempting to stream the services outside the shores of the U.S, your access gets denied.

How can I evade the restrictions?

Since streaming services block viewers from New Zealand due to geo-restrictions, the most common question often asked by people residing in New Zealand is “how can I bypass the geo-restrictions and watch my favorite US TV shows?” It’s quite simple! By using a Virtual Private Network, you can easily get past the restrictions and stream US TV shows.

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Because your IP address is what gives you out to streaming services, the VPN gives you a new IP address and deceives their systems into believing that you’re trying to access the US TV within the US.

Which VPN is the most reliable?

Of course, the market is littered with many VPN providers, with many of them being unreliable. The most reliable VPN provider nowadays is ExpressVPN, and with a stream of great features like DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and IPv6 leak protection built-in, anyone can hardly argue. It is not surprising that it ranks on first spot of our VPN comparison table.

Apart from being easy to install, ExpressVPN is also available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The service also allows up to three concurrent connections, allowing your friends to unblock and watch their favorite US TV shows also.


To get you started immediately, the provider also offers an outstanding support website that is packed with comprehensive tutorials and guides, teaching you how to use the VPN to unblock and access US TV in New Zealand. And if you encounter any problem, a 24/7 live chat support is available to tell you how to rapidly solve your problem.

Keep in mind that while you’ll have to pay a premium price for this VPN, you’re guaranteed great value for your investment. Moreover, you get a 3-month free subscription when you buy their 1-year plan, which saves you about 49% of your initial cost. The package also includes a risk-free money-back guarantee, which gives you the option to change your mind within the first 30 days.

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As an avid traveler, it’s funny how things can get really uncomfortable when you can’t watch or stream your favorite TV shows when you’re in New Zealand. How can you solve this problem? ExpressVPN offers you all the answers as it allows you to unblock, access, and watch US TV shows and feel at home away from home.

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