How can I watch US TV in Israel? Here’s what to do!

This country is a fairly popular destination for tourists, businesspeople and expats from the US. However, if you travel to Israel, you may want to answer a question first. “How can I unblock, access and watch US TV in Israel?”

As you know, most television channels such as CBS are geographically restricted. In order to watch them from abroad, you will need to unblock them first. But do you know how to do so? Don’t worry! We’ll guide you through it.

The easiest way is to use a VPN.

Why is US TV Blocked? Why do I have to use a VPN?

American Television can be blocked in countries outside the US for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, these reasons involve licensing and censorship, as different countries have different laws regarding those.

Therefore, in order to access US Television while in Israel, you have to make the website think you are connecting from a country that can stream American television… or from inside the United State itself.

What is a VPN? How does it work?

A VPN is a type of software that prevents websites from finding out your geographical location. Whenever you connect to the internet, your device will have an IP Address. This IP address can be used by websites to find out your general location and either prevent you from watching US TV or grant you access.

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Using this kind of application, you first connect to a separate server owned by the VPN’s provider. When websites try to track you through your IP address, they instead get the IP address of that server, hiding your true location.

So, you can use a VPN to connect from Israel to a server inside the United States. A website tracking you will see you are trying to access from inside the country and will let you in. This is the fastest and easiest way of unblocking restricted content. Once you’re in, you can stream and watch American TV as much as you like.

There are a lot of VPNs. Can you tell me how to pick the best one?

Geo-restriction ExpressVPN

VPNs are used for a lot of different purposes. Therefore, there are a wide variety of Virtual Private Networks that specialize in things such as having high speeds, strong security, peer-to-peer downloading, et cetera. For the purpose of unblocking and watching US TV from Israel, we want a high-speed VPN.

ExpressVPN is one such provider. They are a premium option for streaming, but the relatively high cost is mitigated by their offer of up to a 49% discount. This is a great deal that brings the price of ExpressVPN closer to most other VPNs while maintaining the full speed and access to all 3000-plus servers worldwide.

If you get their 12-month subscription, you also get 3 months free as a bonus. Both of these make ExpressVPN one of the best for the purposes of streaming US TV in Israel but also for downloading torrents anonymously.

There is even a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no strings attached, just in case you aren’t satisfied with their service. You should definitely check them out.

If you are looking for a more budget option, there are VPNs such as Surfshark and CyberGhost. Both of them offer fairly good speeds and have a range of servers. Surfshark has over 800 servers, and Cyberghost over 3700.

Many of these servers are inside the United States, therefore, you have a lot of choice as to where exactly you want to access from. They are both also fairly cheap, going as low as $2 a month.

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Final Thoughts

Knowing how to unblock and access US Television from Israel is very useful for travelers and expats. Hopefully, you understand how the process works and how to use a VPN in order to stream and watch American channels. You won’t have to worry about missing out on the latest episodes of your favorite shows anymore!

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