How to Watch UK TV Live While Being in Hong Kong (HK)?

Hong Kong is a popular choice of vacation destination for many, while others visit it for work. Whatever your reason for visiting the country, you will be disappointed to find that streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer, 5OD, and UK TV Play are geo-restricted. This means you will not be able to stream your favorite shows in the country. This may have you wondering – how can I unblock and watch UK TV live in Hong Kong?

While this sounds like doom and gloom, there is some good news, as it is possible to beat the geo-restrictions to gain access to all of your favorite channels and programs while abroad.

It is easy actually, as all you need to do is sign up with a VPN provider. VPNs are widely used in Hong Kong, particularly for US people who want to keep on watching their favorite TV shows.

What Is a VPN and How Can It Help?

We are not going to go too deeply into what a VPN is and how it works. However, we will quickly explain how it works if you want to stream UK TV live abroad.

The reason you cannot access your favorite shows is that content is limited to the United Kingdom due to licensing issues and the streaming platform knowing which country you are located in.

Different countries all have a range of IP addresses, which gives your location away. If your IP address does not match one from the United Kingdom and that site is only available in that country, it is blocked. For instance, if you try to stream BBC iPlayer abroad you will see the following notice.

UK TV not available outside of the UK

However, by using a VPN you can mask your IP address and take one from the United Kingdom.

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The ISP sees the address that belongs to the UK and believes that is where you are located, so geo-restrictions are not placed, even though you are in Hong Kong.

Tutorial to Watch British TV Live in Hong Kong

All that’s needed to be able to stream your favorite TV channels from the UK is a few simple steps.

However, we do encourage you to sign up with a Virtual Private Network and follow these instructions while you are in your country. This is because, often, the websites of providers are also blocked.

In this guide, we have chosen ExpressVPN as it is the leading provider for unblocking geo-restricted content in any country. Plus it offers servers that are blazing-fast, suitable for streaming in HD. Incidentally, this is the people’s #1 choice for Kodi.

Alternatives are NordVPN or CyberGhost.

So, to learn how to unblock and watch UK TV live in Hong Kong easily, follow the steps below.

1. Sign up with the provider

The first step is to sign up with the VPN provider. As mentioned above we chose ExpressVPN and the 1-year plan, which comes with savings of 49%. There is also a 6-month or monthly plan available.

ExpressVPN Price 2024

Complete the sign-up process, make a payment, and then head to the next step.

2. Download the app to your device

ExpressVPN apps

Once you have made the payment, head over to the download page of the website where you can choose which apps to download and install.

The apps are intuitive and easy to install, another reason we highly recommend ExpressVPN. You can install apps on a variety of devices (iPad, Android devices, Firestick…), so go ahead and do that.

3. Install the app and launch it

Go through the installation process and sign in using your user name and password for the account.

Once the installation process has completed, you should see a dashboard. This is the main part of the program where you will choose a server. And the key to unblocking and streaming your favorite content is to choose a server from the United Kingdom.

ExpressVPN in the UK

With the server chosen, all that’s left to do is click on the “Connect” button.

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You now appear to be in the United Kingdom. This means you can avoid geo-restrictions and access all your favorite content from your home country.

To Summarize

You should no longer be wondering “how can I watch United Kingdom TV channels live while being in Hong Kong?” as we have provided the answer. However, here is a quick summary. First, sign up with a provider, then download and install apps.

Finally, sign in and choose a server based in the United Kingdom. With ExpressVPN, things are always very simple, and so is this guide!

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