ExpressVPN Has Been Audited by PwC – A Real Sign of Reliability!

ExpressVPN has revealed the results of an independent audit by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to customers on their website. The results further help to boost transparency and trust within the VPN industry. PwC is among the top four auditing companies with an established track record of conducting audits for some of the most influential and biggest companies in the world.

The audit was undertaken in-line with the standards of PwC’s terms and conditions. ExpressVPN provided full unrestricted access to the system and team information.

The VPN provider is among the leaders, professing high standards in regards to transparency and trust within the industry. It ranks first in our top 5 VPN rankings for the USA.

The Audit Was an Industry-First

The objective of the audit was to provide confirmation that servers of ExpressVPN complied with the privacy policy. More so in regards to the no-logging policy.

However, instead of examining only the privacy-policy compliance, PwC validated key security components too. The audit is an industry-first. It is the only one to formally validate innovations and key security technology, instead of focusing only on the privacy policy.

The VPN provider launched the “TrustedServer” technology early in 2024 with servers running on RAM as opposed to hard drives. This helped to boost privacy and reliability. The software stack is reinstalled upon each reboot, along with a data wipe.

This technology came under the scrutiny of PwC.

ExpressVPN trusted server technology

The audit of ExpressVPN by PwC was extensive, taking over one month. Auditors held interviews with staff members responsible for managing the servers. Additionally, they looked deep into the source code of the technology, configurations, and technical log files. The auditors also scrutinized the deployment process and server configuration.

Results of the Audit

PwC has a strict policy in regards to broadcasting the results of audits. The provider will be disappointed as the results cannot be published as excerpts, or individually. However, it is good news for the integrity of the audit overall.

It means customers of the provider can have confidence in the findings. However, customers of ExpressVPN can read the full audit under the Privacy and Security audit page by logging into their account.

As governments try to find ways to question the ownership of providers and undermine encryption, along with online rights, the VPN sector does face a great deal of scrutiny. Therefore, it is vital that VPN providers do everything they can to reassure their customers they are genuine and transparent.

However, ExpressVPN could not have chosen anyone better to perform an independent audit than PwC.

For this, we say give credit where it is due as the provider has raised the bar for independent audits. Now it is up to the rest of the providers out there to choose whether they follow suit.

Is ExpressVPN the #1 Trusted Leader?

ExpressVPN advertises its service as the number one trusted leader. Many claim, including us, that the provider is the best VPN for streaming activities, having a no-logs policy in place, and offering blazing fast reliable servers.

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So, is ExpressVPN the number one trusted leader? Only the results of the audit can provide a definite answer. However, as the provider was not afraid to open their doors to one of the best auditing companies in the world, it would suggest so.

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