How to Activate the Kill Switch function with CyberGhost?

The Kill Switch terminates internet connection once the VPN goes OFF to protect the user’s data even in the event of a VPN connection failing. A VPN without a Kill Switch is simply inviting this error. CyberGhost is a very popular VPN and while it is definitely one of the best VPN for Mac, it is also widely used and recommended on other devices including Windows, Android and iOS. This is why many users have been wondering how to activate the Kill Switch with CyberGhost.

Is there actually a Kill Switch with CyberGhost ?

The issue of CyberGhost’s Kill Switch is one that has struck up a lot of conversation on tech forums as new users find difficulty understanding it.

They look everywhere in the app for the settings to the Kill Switch since they have been told the VPN comes with one, and end up frustrated with their search.

What is the point of a VPN with no Kill Switch? Well, CyberGhost thought so too and felt very strongly about it as well.

Although you would be unable to find the settings for the Kill Switch on the CyberGhost app, it is very much there. If your VPN connection drops, your internet connection will turn OFF automatically once you have the app on your device.

There are no settings to it because it is automatically ON, and CyberGhost did not think it was necessary to add a toggle button to manipulate the Kill Switch, so you can not turn it OFF.

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Why Keeping the Kill Switch ON is a Good Idea?

While some users are dissatisfied with the permanent Kill Switch on CyberGhost and would like to be able to control it and determine when it comes ON or OFF, it remains popularly in use.

It is one of the most reliable providers with hundreds of VPN servers in the USA alone, making for strong VPN connections and less of a likelihood to fail and interfere with your browsing. This means you rarely get to notice the Kill Switch.

After the initial discomfort users will come to see that there are some reasons why the Kill Switch being permanent is a good idea.

You Might Forget to Turn it ON

When you know you have a Kill Switch, you rest easy, knowing you are safe even if your VPN connection drops. However if you are able to turn your Kill Switch ON or OFF, you could forget that you have turned it OFF recently, and not turn it back ON when you go online.

If the VPN connection drops, you might not realize it and continue your browsing not realizing that you are no longer safe. Having a permanent Kill Switch makes sure this does not happen.


While the CyberGhost Kill Switch does not show up anywhere in the settings, it is still part of the features of the VPN app. The Kill Switch is permanently ON and can’t be turned OFF, so just don’t waste time looking for it. You know it’s there and it’s all that matters.

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