Best VPN Providers for Malaysia: Our Top Picks for 2024

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that’s known for its harsh censorship that plagues free internet access. Still, people in this country are aware of the benefits that the internet brings to the table and they want to take advantage. The government, on the other side, is opposed to this idea and does its best at blocking certain websites. We’re talking about not being able to access even the most popular social media websites. You can find some very good and cheap VPN providers here for Malaysia, so stay with us!

Best VPNs with Servers in Malaysia

Among Malaysia’s beautiful landscapes and strict internet laws, there are VPN servers that belong to the top providers. If you’re wondering what providers we’re talking about, here are our top picks:

  • ExpressVPN: With over 3,000+ servers worldwide, ExpressVPN comfortably covers this country. Its blazing-fast internet speeds and top-of-the-line security is what its residents will love the most.
  • CyberGhost: CyberGhost is a giant among VPN providers for Malaysia with more than 7,000 servers. In this country, they have 10 high-speed servers in Kuala Lumpur, making it perfect for all day-to-day purposes.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN also has a couple of servers in Malaysia and is known for its high speeds and impenetrable security. Offering a plethora of servers (5,000+) to their loyal user base, it’s a provider that many experienced users trust.

Installing your favorite VPN is very easy. You just need to download the respective app, connect to the internet via that app, and you’re ready to go.

Why People in Malaysia Use a VPN?

People all around the world value privacy and anonymity on the internet. In a country like this one, this is essential, given the strict rules implied by the government. That being said, let’s see why people in this country use a VPN.

Avoiding Government Surveillance

Internet censorship is perhaps one of the most infuriating things about the internet. Because of that, many users use THE best VPN for Malaysia. It doesn’t only limit your freedom but also prevents you from communicating with your friends and relatives.

This is a real deal because you can get a pretty harsh punishment. For example, the government actively blocks Facebook and YouTube videos. You can even get into some serious trouble for what you say online.

Back in 2012, the government deported a Saudi journalist for accidentally insulting the prophet Muhammed in a Twitter post. This is proof of government surveillance that’s ever-growing at this point. The government follows your internet activity in real-time, allowing them to react as soon as you do something “inappropriate”.

Although they say it’s for people accessing pornography, we don’t’ think that’s the case. This info is, as they say, stored in the national data library. But, this isn’t where the story ends. The Malaysian government also tracks citizens’ upload/download history, usage details, locations, and IP addresses.

It’s more than obvious that a VPN is necessary for this country.

Accessing Geo-Restricted Streaming Websites

We all love watching some Netflix shows and movies in high quality, especially after a long day at work. Well, Malaysian residents aren’t different. But, due to geo-restrictions, they can’t access Netflix U.S., Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, for example.

This is why many of them use a VPN in Malaysia.

This is an issue that isn’t unique to this country, though. If you’re not from the USA or UK, you’re going to suffer these issues regardless of your geographical location.

But, since this kind of solution costs only a few bucks a month, accessing geo-restricted websites shouldn’t be an issue.

Torrenting Safely

Torrenting is very important, not only for people in this country but in general. We all want high speeds and anonymity when downloading, which is why people in this country use it. Although we don’t know about people getting into trouble for torrenting in Malaysia, you never know when it will happen.

The laws are changing almost every year and if you’re not aware of them, you can suffer the consequences. Many VPNs are good for torrenting and this guide helps you find the VPN that best suits your needs.

The Best VPNs for People Living in Malaysia

Despite the noticeable difference in nomenclature, not all providers are the same. With many of them offering different advantages and disadvantages, here’s what to look for in a VPN for Malaysia:

  • Standard and premium security features with the zero-logs policy
  • Ability to pass geo-restrictions
  • A high number of servers
  • Fast download/upload speeds

Here are our top picks:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. NordVPN

Let’s see what makes these providers our favorites for this country.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Malaysia

For people living in Malaysia or even abroad, ExpressVPN is the top choice. This provider is well-known for its speeds that many newcomers and all users enjoy. With over 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries at its disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy the internet wherever you are.

ExpressVPN didn’t cut any corners when it comes to features. You get all the premium features at an affordable price. For example, tank-like AES 256-bit encryption, also used by the government and military. Furthermore, there’s a zero-logs policy, so your data remains only on your computer.

Even if the servers shut down, which is impossible, there’s a kill-switch for preventing your IP from leaking. At the moment, a 49% discount and 3 months free for a 12-month plan are offered by ExpressVPN.

This is a great chance for getting your subscription at a good price!

  • Best service for streaming
  • Speeds
  • 24/7 client support
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 94 countries covered
  • Works in China
  • The solution is a little bit expensive

Unblock Sites in Malaysia With ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost unblock sites

CyberGhost is the second-best VPN option for Malaysia. This giant sports over 7,000 servers and is the biggest provider to ever thread the earth. With a choice this vast, its users can enjoy high-speed internet browsing and streaming even if they’re in the jungle!

In addition to that, the provider offers unlimited bandwidth and can bypass geo-restricted websites easily. Now, you can watch your Netflix and Hulu shows from dusk till dawn. But, can you torrent safely with CyberGhost?

Of course – thanks to its DNS and IP leak protection, and a reliable kill-switch.

This Romanian beast is a prime example that you can give your best features and not blast through your customers’ wallets. You can learn more about CyberGhost in this review.

  • Pricing is very affordable
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • No leaks
  • Company based in Romania
  • 90+ countries are available
  • Shady past of the parent company

Enjoy Privacy and Security in Malaysia With CyberGhost

3. NordVPN

NordVPN Malaysia

NordVPN offers you zero compromises for an affordable price. Since its inception, the provider is known for this. Many dummies start with this provider and when they see its exceptional quality, they don’t change it.

For the start, this is probably the safest VPN you can get.

It has a Double VPN feature that prevents your internet traffic from being tracked, as well as numerous security protocols. These include DNS leak protection and a rock-solid AES 256-bit encryption.

CyberSec is a unique feature to NordVPN and works flawlessly in every instance.

Allowing you to connect 6 devices simultaneously, your smartphone can also get the treatment it deserves. Browsing the internet anonymously was never this easy and cheap!

  • Double VPN feature
  • No-log policy
  • Can bypass any restriction
  • Large server network
  • No payment through PayPal
  • A hacking incident in 2018

Get NordVPN for Malaysia


With all this in mind, you’ll need a VPN if you want to access the internet in Malaysia. Whether you’re its resident or you’re traveling there, we suggest that you use ExpressVPN. It will give you some fast speeds, stable connections, and reliable 24/7 customer support.

For only a few bucks a month, you get everything you need for accessing the internet anonymously. With a good Virtual Private Network, possibilities are really endless!

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