NordVPN’s Pricing: What Offer Should I Choose and Why?

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs currently available. They consistently top the list of VPNs for security and privacy, while still maintaining very high speeds. There’s a reason we generally recommend it in our articles and reviews. However, when purchasing it, you’ll find that several pricing schemes could get you confused about which one is the best plan for you.

In this pricing review, we will look at the various tiers of NordVPN’s pricing and determine which gives you the best deal.

Features of NordVPN

NordVPN Features

Before we start a pricing review, you need to ask the question: “What features does it have? What do I get for these prices?”

Most people use VPNs to unblock geo-restricted content, download torrent files, or maintain anonymity and security online. Not only does NordVPN specializes in all of this, but it also has very good speeds.

One of their most unique features is the incredible number of servers they own. At the moment, they have over 5,600 servers active all over the world, in 60 different countries. If one server has a lot of traffic, you can also easily change to a nearby server.

This is very useful for unblocking and streaming video content.

NordVPN applies military-grade encryption on all traffic, ensuring your data is safe. They also have a feature called CyberSec. This acts as an adblocker, stopping distracting advertisements from showing up.

CyberSec also blocks suspicious websites that might have viruses or other malware, keeping your PC safe.

For those who need an extremely high level of security, they also have a unique Double VPN feature. This lets them provide impeccable privacy and online safety. It is done by connecting through two VPN servers rather than just one.

Speaking of which, there’s a strict zero-logging policy. That’s not strange given its great Panamanian jurisdiction, which resides far from the likes of the 14 Eyes.

With NordVPN, you can use their app to connect to a VPN server easily and quickly. Up to 6 simultaneous connections are supported, so you can share it with your family and friends.

Your next question might be: “With all these features, what is NordVPN’s pricing like?”

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What is NordVPN’s Pricing Like?

NordVPN Pricing Plans

There are three different tiers of pricing, which we will look into in this pricing review.

Each tier gives you a different amount of savings. We will start by going from the basic plan to the best savings.

The first tier is a 1-month subscription plan. This costs $11.95, which is billed monthly. This is the baseline cost, without any savings. The other plans offer much bigger savings, so if you’re a regular VPN user, this tier may not be the most cost-effective solution for you.

The second tier is a 6-month subscription plan. This costs $54 and is billed every six months The plan comes with a monthly cost of $9, so you save nearly 24%.

However, these are not the biggest savings you can get, as other plans have even higher discounts.

The 2-year plan costs only $3.99 monthly. For us, and obviously, for NordVPN, this is THE best offer.

As you can see, it offers total savings of 68%. At the baseline price, you would be paying $286 every two years. With the discount, it’s only $89 every two years. This is an amazing deal considering NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for both security and speed.

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With the 2-year plan, you can also get a full refund. If you are unsatisfied with their service within the first 30 days, you can cancel your subscription. They will return you all your money back, guaranteed.

All payments can be made through Credit Cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or AliPay.


In today’s modern world, security is a big concern. There are plenty of governments and corporations who would like to look through your personal data. A VPN can prevent this and at the same time, let you unblock geo-restricted content like online television.

Or you can use it to get past government censorships in countries such as China and Russia.

NordVPN’s pricing for the 2-year plan is an amazing deal for its utility, so try it out today!

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