In which countries can you use NordVPN?

With more than 5,600 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN has one of the largest servers’ network in the world of VPN providers. It allows people to connect from almost anywhere and it works even in the countries with heaviest internet restrictions, such as Russia and China. It’s not surprise that NordVPN is one of our favorite providers and for many reasons. Anyone can use nthis VPN in the USA, but what about some more censored countries like China, Iran, Russia, Turkey or the UAE?

Let’s find out where NordVPN actually works.

Countries in which NordVPN works without issues

As mentioned before, NordVPN claims to work from almost anywhere in the world. In Europe, there is an impressive list of countries in which you can connect using this famous provider, such as Denmark, Moldova, Cyprus, Romania, Macedonia, Latvia, Iceland and Albania.

The list of countries holding specific servers such as obfuscated, double VPN, Dedicate IP, Onion over VPN and P2P is shorter. For example, you can connect using specific servers from France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Most other countries have P2P servers.

Rest of the World

NordVPN works great in Canada and the USA. When it comes to Australia, there are 257 P2P servers located in cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sidney, etc. Australia has the most rigid internet laws in the Western world. Yet, with NordVPN you will have unlimited access to the internet realm. Just use the help of the Quick Connect option to find the optimal server to connect.

nordvpn asia pasific servers

Asia region is also covered. Specific servers, double VPN and obfuscated servers are in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. Depending on your location and the server distance, you might experience a slow connection. For example, if you find yourself in Malaysia, that could be an issue.

When it comes to Africa, you should know that NordVPN works remarkably due to high-speed serves across the continent. Thanks to obfuscated servers in Turkey and the UAE, you can bypass the Tunisian internet restrictions as well. This service is one of the most recommended VPNs to use in Africa, because of its features.

Obfuscated servers for cracking down The Great firewall of China

If you check the network servers list you will notice that there are no NordVPN servers in China. But it works there because of the obfuscated servers, which can bypass network firewalls, such as one in China.

Thus, NordVPN works in China, but you have to enable the obfuscated servers in the advanced settings. So, yes, you can watch Netflix in China, Russia, Iran, etc.

Location of obfuscated servers

NordVPN has the largest number of obfuscated servers across the world in 11 countries. Those are Canada, USA, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc. Because of the well-spread network, you can bypass the internet restrictions in Iran, Qatar, the UAE and Russia the same way as in China.

Why use VPN at all?

You have certainly understood that there are so many reasons why you might want to use a VPN. If you want to surf the internet anonymously and don’t worry about government and hackers track your internet activity, VPN is your solution.

Protect your data and always have access to your favorite websites, no matter where you are. NordVPN has many features to meet your needs including no-log policy, kill switch and access on six devices.

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